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[Guide] Kayle, the Judicator

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So I've noticed that there are no up-to-date guides on using Kayle. While I won't follow the guideline for strategy guides, I will give the build I use when playing her.
Note: I am only level 16, but I'm good at playing Kayle. This is my first guide by the way.
Note: too lazy to find appropriate ability names


For those of you who don't know, Kayle is a support tank. She can take a hit, heal, slow an enemy, push back creeps, and protect an ally with invulnerability. Unless you go DPS with her, don't expect many killing blows, but do expect a lot of assist if your team is decent. Basically, help your team and you will go far.

Backstory in a Nutshell
Kayle is part of an angelic race on a different planet. While in the middle of a civil war and about to deliver the killing blow to the tyrant of her race (her brother if I remember correctly), she is summoned by one of the city states (the "good" one aka not Nox) against her will. While initially mad about this, they convinced her that she is need to save this world. Thus, she heads to the League.

Runes/Masteries/Summoner Abilities
Runes: All magic resist to help protect against mages
Masteries: 1 point in Defense for heal mastery and rest in support (with 1 in mana mastery). Will possibly put more while I climb to level 30.
Summoner Abilities: heal and mana. Don't be selfish with this ability. For mana, use it if you need to give a team mate mana, but only if you need it as well. For heal, save it for possible deaths of your or your lane mate.

Passive: increase atk speed of nearby allied heroes
Passive: (vengeance) when an allied hero is killed, your attack speed goes up (edit: forgot this one at first)
Q: (smite) does damage and slow target enemy (works on heroes and creeps)
W: (blessing) heals allied hero and increases their movement speed (works only on heroes; use it on yourself to get back into battle faster)
R: (flame sword) Kayle gains a temporary ranged attack with added damage and a splash ability.
E: (Ultimate): Temporary Invulnerability: This ability can win your team games, let alone team battles. Use it on a hero that is about to die, but can still get away/do enough damage.

Start with your smite ability for harassing and alternate with your blessing ability to help you and your lane partner stay in the lane. I suggest not getting flame sword until at least level 7. Whenever you can, get your ultimate ability since it decreases its cooldown, mana cost, and duratation. By the way, your heal becomes a speed later in the game since the heal is not that much and the speed can help them get away or catch their prey. The flame sword is good for team fights since you get to fight at a range. Smite snares your opponent and also has a good AP ration (1:1) I believe, making it a nice source of damage.

Others say that you should only put one point into blessing early game to keep the mana cost low. This emphasizes the speed quality of this ability over its heal factor (which only matters early game). If you are supporting a carry, I still suggest leveling this up with smite.


I'm still experimenting with starting items, so here are some suggestions:

-mana manipulator (when partnered with someone who needs the mana)
-maki pendant + 2 hp potions (I pick mana manip now since kayle has a heal and mana -manip gives the aura)
-"hp regeneration amulet" (again, kayle has a heal spell + she needs mana at the begginning)
-health node (the cheapest health regen item) + 2 mana potions
-farie charm (the cheapest mana regen item) and health node (the cheapest health regen item) + health and mana potion (I forget if there is money still available)

I like to play Kayle as a support tank. From here I get the cheap magic resist/health regen armor (cost 1300) that seeds off the health node and I get the armor that gives the 15% reduced CD aura. Both of these items are fairly cheap and you should be able to get them while supporting a carry and letting them get most of the gold. After the first two armors, I then finish my boots depending on what is needed (I recommend getting the basic boots before you finish both of your armors). After that I get Warmog's armor and usually Atma's impaler. Many games, I can't even get Warmog's.

As an important note, I use strength elixirs on her if I have the extra cash and my team is struggling. This gives me some extra hp and dmg to help turn the tides. Don't forget oracle's elixir when facing stealth opponents b/c you shouldn't die too much and this will help your team.

For a DPS build, I believe Nashor's Tooth and Trinity Force (hammer > zeal > sheen) works well. Also, level up your flame sword instead of your heal ability.

Others have suggested getting Stark's Fervor. Depending on the team your on, this will be a better choice as an item than the CD reduction.

Tips for Playing Kayle

General for any hero: Always do something (i.e. shop, attack, move, retreat, being dead, jungling, pushing, regernerating, etc.) in otherwords don't stand still right behind the creeps. This help keeps you on your toes.

General for any hero: Don't be stupid. Also, don't die. Especially, don't feed. Even more importantly, work with your team and communicate.

You can solo Kayle in a lane if you want, but her abilities work better with a partner.

Don't waste too much mana harrassing opponents early game since it will often bite you in the butt when you can't heal you or your lane partner due to lack of mana. I usually have 100 in storage in my summoner's mana ability isn't ready yet. Note: Kayle has mana problems early game unless you have mana regen items and mana potions to fix it.

Kayle is pretty good at holding a lane by herself. Play defensively if this is 1 vs. 2+ though.

Don't leave to go shop until at least level 6 (unless you die)

Pull the attention of turrets off allies by attacking enemy heroes. Often, you can take the hits better than they can. Don't stay around to keep taking the heat though. You can also initiate taking down a tower by going in first and taking the damage. This works great with a low level master Yi helping you take it down.

You are a support hero... act like it. Stay near your team if possible, unless the you are holding a lane.

Lane with one of your team's carrys and support them. They will love you for their increased survivability.

Kayle's ultimate, when used in the last couple seconds, can save an ally from dying and usually will save them after they have been hit by enemy abilities. This means that the enemy team doesn't have those abilities to use for at the very least a few more seconds. Your team should take advantage of this. My team has won many team fights due to 3-4 ultimate abilities or snare/stuns being used on a single target, then that target being invulnerable for 6-8 sec. instead of dying.

Use your abilities to help team members out. Speed them up and heal them if they are trying to run. speed them up if they are chasing. cast invulnerability on them if they need it.

Keyword: Sacrifice. If there is a hero on your team who is on a kill streak who is getting ganked, stay in the fight and focus on keeping them alive (while trying to stay alive yourself of course). By doing this, both of you may get away and if not, then at least they should survive. This help keeps your team's carrys and main killers stonger by not letting them die as much and it keeps the enemy team from claiming a gold bounty.

Remember that you are a support tank.

Don't give up on playing Kayle (or any hero) after one go. Often, success relies on how well your team plays (especially in the lower-ELO levels). Since Kayle is support it may take getting used to this role. In other words, get used to being the goalee, not the striker or the main scorer. In different words, get used to being the tight end and not a wide reciever or a quarterback.

Have fun playing Kayle.

If you want to edit this please let me know.