Faction: World Of Imagination

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Greetings Summoners, I'm creating a new faction that I think everyone in the community will find fun and exciting to use as a base theme and structure for their Champions!

Much like Wonderland from Alice and Wonderland, however... get this... Our beloved Annie is princess and ruler of this faction! Feel free to link me to any Toy/Candy/Wonderland themed champions and I'll be glad to interweave it with a fun lore I'm working on!

I myself will also be coming up with a few new Champions, including Fairy Godmother Annie and a brand new stand-alone Tibber Champion!

This is purely for fun, and in essence a challenge for us as a community to work together as a whole to build Champions and test our ability to interweave them together within the same confinements.

In turn I hope this challenge will not only give us a solid good root to work from but hopefully allow us to communicate together and help one another by bringing us closer to creating a beautiful original faction with it's own unique taste and feel. The ultimate test to any artist!

"T'was the night before Christmas, not a chipper nor a chatter where Annie and Tibbers dreamt of lillies and flowers. Where they were, no one knew... all but one; and he was blue. In the sky he flew, like a diamond that was new. Upon the journey of peace and truth, little Annie was given the Crown of youth.

A land of beauty and peace they say, one must look for the castle that is grey. Within the depths of ones little heart, find the fairy and she'll fly you apart. Though no one knows where the mystery lies, but love and passion is said to rule goodbyes.

So hold the castle and close your eyes, and watch your spirit fly to the skies"

Nocturne... the Eternal Nightmare as they call him had terrorized everyone's dreams and turned their nightmares into reality, but it wasn't until he made the futile mistake of invading Annie's beautiful dream. There Nocturne's Nemesis awaited thee, like a shadow in the dark; waiting for Nocturne to reveal himself. It wasn't before this obscure figure (that can only be seen through Nocturnes terrorized enemies and nightmares) intercepted an invasion of Nocturne's, finally stopping him and destroying the Eternal Nightmare along with himself for good.

It's said that the Eidolon now watches high above and soars through the skies, protecting Runeterra from any threat, however can only be summoned during Armaggedon.

After Annie had realized what had happened to her, she gained full freedom within her dreams gifted by the mysterious protector that had saved her. With this new found power Annie looked to put her gift into good use and summon forth a world where conflict doesn't exist. One where neither peace, nor war existed, a world of immortals made of pure child-like imagination. This was her prophecy and so Annie had become the fairy godmother of the World of Imagination and Tibbers her trusty and loyal King.

In order for one to enter the World of Imagination one must hold a small castle like toy located deep within the confines of the Institute of War, where a small fairy messenger begins to magically guide the Summoner into the Wonderland. Upon entering, all hostility is removed and a world of possibilities and imagination take over. Peace in it's very essence. Some say Gangplank had entered it once by mistake thinking it was a hidden path but instead he found himself enlightened to a world of possibilities which then transformed him into a toy himself.

No one truly knows the intentions of the World of Imagination or where their Fairy Godmother Annie wishes to guide them. But neither really care as any objections can discuss it personally with Tibbers.

Theme and Design
When we look at what really defines a faction, we can look at the faction's ultimate goal, history of how it was conceived and ultimately it's central theme that reflects directly the title and or purpose of the faction. For the World of Imagination (Name TBD), the theme revolves around Candy, Toys and anything child-like, this can even include Orianna-esque Champions. Note that I am tying this faction in with a story-arc of mine, but I'll be leaving it's history slightly obscure so as to not detach you guys from the purpose of the challenge. This as an artist helps me really build an imagination that can not only process stories but also I'm hoping to be able to process intricate relationships among existing League Champions and build upon their Lore. I find that sometimes writing ahead of their present gives me a little more freedom to indulge in creativity rather than just simply work around what is already of existence.

Let your imagination roll and let's see what we can come up with! I've started by introducing Fairy-godmother Annie and King Tibbers as the leaders!

Everyone should feel free to tie in any Champion with another and hopefully we can get a nice fluid story arc out there that integrates all of our Champion Concepts. Feel free to tie in Fairy Godmother Annie or King Tibbers into your Lore and I'll make sure to tie your Champion into theirs as well. (As soon as I get them completed)

Fairy-Godmother Annie (Coming Soon)
King Tibbers (Coming Soon)