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Freezing Lanes a Problem

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Fat of the Land

Senior Member


However, there's always that guy in solo queue who thinks you need help pushing your lane, AoE's everything, joinks all the farm and says "You're welcome" as your lane is pushed and he walks back into the jungle. Best laid plans of mice and men I suppose.

This is the bigger problem honestly. There isn't enough jungle for 1 player to farm it non stop so they have to leech xp and gold from lanes.

A lot of the time in lane after I deliberately take a level hit to freeze the wave outside my turret the ****ing jungler wipes it so that I'm not only behind a level but cs as well. It's infuriating.

On the flipside when I play a jungle unless I leech some lane xp/gold or get some kills I get behind in levels. The rewards need to be there so junglers don't feel they have to leech off lanes.

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OF Gopher



frozen lane then you 3 man gank bot or top.