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Loading screen borders make me not want to queue ranked.

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I really wish there was a way to make yours hidden.

I ended season two in silver, at about 1400 ELO.

Since the start of season three, I have played exceptionally well and am sitting at 1750 as I type this.

Instead of being proud of my accomplishment, I almost dread playing ranked now. Every single game, I feel immense pressure to play like a freaking professional. If I have a bad game (which happens to everyone at every elo). Suddenly, my whole team is whining about how they have a silver "baddie" on their team, etc.

It really bothers me. I enjoy playing ranked because I am a competitive person by nature, but the sheer amount of HATE I get for not going like 10/0/20 as a jungler (slight exaggeration there) is sickening. Is there any chance of you being able to hide it in the future?


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Sir, I have bronze season 2. And I'm running around in silver, working to gold, and I get a LOT of bull**** for it. I wonder what it would be like in Diamond...