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Game drop

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I don't know if this has been discussed anywhere... But I want to share my idea what riot could do if people just all of sudden leaves the game in a normal or rank game.. Especially rank game cause it effects us unlucky individuals a lot with the lost of our elo for people being afk or leaving the game.

Every time I get a afk/leaver, I notice that at the end of the game the player's name who left would be highlight red. If riot can so easily detect players leaving the game.. Wouldn't it make more sense for riot to just drop that game and not count it towards our elo? If riot can actually build a system into the game where it won't drop our elo due to an afk/leaver, that would be awesome..

I mean come on... It's not fair for the skillful players who actually do good in the game to lose a game due to an leaver.