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Support CS

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Hey guys,

I main support and one of the hardest things for me to get my mind around is exactly how many and which minions should I ever be killing? I always pride myself in the games where we destroy and I have as little as 0-2 cs (usually accidental). But recently I had someone tell me I sucked because I had so few cs. When should I be taking cs? Some of my favorite support champs sort of need a bit more gold than Gp5/10 items can manage. I love support nautilus but he requires real items...

What is the "meta" regarding support cs?

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I play lots'o'support, so here's the deal...

Laning phase: don't touch any cs unless...
- - your adc dies and your lane is being pushed to tower
- - your adc heads back and your lane is being pushed to tower

CS getting killed by a tower is wasted experience and gold, if your adc is not in lane when the creep is pushed to your tower, get that gold and experience instead of letting the tower waste it.

Non-laning phase priorities:

Protecting the carries
assisting in teamfights/pushing/baron/dragon(timers)/buffs etc.

Any other times between those things, grab whatever cs you can as long as you are not taking cs from a group that a carry is trying to farm at

remember if creep is getting killed by other creep, or champions, that's wasted gold and experience. If there's not a carry around to take it (and you're fulfilling all of your other duties as a support adequately) take that gold and experience its good for your team as a whole.

I don't know if what I told you is exactly "meta" but it's how I play support and it works out well for me. There's always going to be those rage carries that gets mad at you for having too much/too little cs whatever. As long as you're not taking cs in the laning phase or slacking on your other duties after early game...take what you can, when you can.

I play Leona, Blitzcrank, and Kayle mainly as support. There've been plenty of times when playing Kayle especially (because she's a BEAST at farming) where farming mid and early late game has been the difference between my team winning and losing.

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If you're playing a ranged support, you might want to tag mage creeps once when you're at your tower early on. The AD won't be able to get them with only one turret shot and an AA. So by hitting them once, you allow your carry easier farming. Just make sure to take as little farm as possible. I know how hard it is to get a Sona Q to NEVER last hit anything. Just don't do it intentionally.