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report in lobby

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so im sittin there in the normal draft lobby with the first pick, call out bottom adc, no one seems to have a problem with it. continue to ban people until champ selection starts. i pick ez. second pick guy RAGES because he wanted to play vayne (already locked in at this point). tell him "hey man i called it and was first pick if you wanted to play adc why didnt you say something?" he proceeds to lock in vayne and types "I CALLED IT AT THE VERY BEGINNING NOOB" scroll through chat log and he didnt say a word until now. ask teammates they dont see it either. continues to rages and says hes going to pick the wrong runes and masteries and feed the other them the whole time if he doesnt get to play adc vayne. so i dodge.

normally i dont get so annoyed with this kinda stuff but things like this are happening more and more frequently lately and it make me wish for a report in lobby or vote to kick or something.