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[Guide]Taric the Aura Knight

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Don't know how people can play taric without a chalice. Taric without a chalice is a naked Taric. It's like playing the game without ever buying boots of any kind.

Regardless of your build, I find the optimal play for Taric is to get meki pendant and 2 health pots. then make chalice and boots -> then whatever build you are going for.

I've tinkered around with the chalice a bit, and while it is quite nice I haven't found it indispensable. I dig the soul shroud for the group buffs, so it is possible I've underestimated the utility of the chalice a bit. I'll try it out again for a few games and see how it goes. I'm not keen on pushing back the Aegis, but it is only for ~ 400g.

That said, with my stated build I generally don't run into terrible mana problems. I'm pretty good about micro managing my ult so it doesn't completely destroy my mana pool. In long fights I will eventually definitiely OOM (If I haven't picked up a golem buff, which i generally stay on top of), but I find that beating on some minions or creeps during a lull in the fight puts me back in it pretty quick.

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well i just stack sunfire cape and then i like to get boots for some reason or armor

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o dnt know if im just lucky or what and im not that elite either i have my stupid moments.but i tried a build for 5 games and won 4 games with it

my build was:
mercury for boots
then frozen heart
then ill add up something depending on the situation

hmmm manamune, i cant judge it if its a bad item for him..+2% damage from your mana and i got a very large mana pool so i can use my ult very well. and at every beginning of our game i ask my lane partner if its ok i wont get my heal so i can get my stun and armor/nuke skill and it just works fine for me..but bah thats my playing style anyway :P just sharing my experience.try it sometime for fun

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CD from Nashors is not needed, being that the 15% from SS and 25% from FH cap it out at 40%.

Just throwing that out there. My buddy's main is Taric, and I'll have him look this over, and we'll try it out and maybe get some feedback.

hmm so since its capped out with those 2 items, i can change my CD runes to mana regen (flat or per lvl), would this be wise?