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Haunted's Hide n Seek!

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Prototype Viktor

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Welcome to XDS Haunted's Hide n Seek Ruleset!
If you are playing in a room hosted by me, this will be your guide. I don't care if you have different rules that you pick and choose in game >:I

If you have suggestions please post them in here as well. Some info may be for items currently on PBE but standards still apply.

Most of credit from this ruleset by FoxCharm:
Yes I copypasted for the format and there it a lot thats well written. I would recommend looking at that page, though the formatting seems to have been messed up last I checked.
Also please dont rage about having another ruleset. If you dont like it suggest something to make it better, or ignore it.

Game Rules:
The game consists of two teams, Hiders and Seekers. Seekers on the right side, consisting of only 2 players, and the Hiders on the left side, consisting of 5 players.

The goal of the game is for the Seekers to eliminate the Hiders.
Each Hider gets 5 lives. If all these lives are eliminated, you are out and must sell all your gear[Unless given permission to test speed/armor/magic resist/etc.], remain outside the fog of war, and not in any way assist your teammates in escaping, killing, or Active Warding.

Active Warding is standing near a certain position for a purpose, which would be to note the seekers where possible team mates are hidden. Examples of this are capping a point, spamming spells near a certain position or at a teammate, or standing in the centre. There isn't really a way to punish the player for doing this, seeing as the player is usually already Eliminated. If a hider disconnects they lose a life every 10 minutes until
they reconnect. If a player never connects at all the rest of the team all gets +1 and an additional +1 to the first person to lose all lives. If both teams agree, a player leaving the game early may distribute the remaining live evenly amongst living teammates.
The Seekers goal is as said above, you must eliminate every players 5 lives before 40 minutes to win.

Please remember, this is Hide and Seek, not Group and Run. If you are a Hider, HIDE.

Before level 11, there can only be 2 players to a bush. After level 11, only 1 may remain in a bush. Being close by in another bush is fine.

Seekers are allowed to Teleport/Walk back to base at any moment in the game, Hiders however, cannot.

How Hiders win: At least one player survives until 40/45 minutes.
How Seekers win: Eliminate every players 5 lives before 40/45 minutes.

In my games, votes will be taken to who wants to increase the time from 40 to 45 minutes, the only time this vote will be called is if more than 3 hiders are still playing (with a decent amount of lives).

Game Modes:
This game can be played in three different modes, each coming with its own set of ban rules

All Random - There are no ban rules for this, obviously, because you cannot ban anyone or prevent them from selecting that champion. Beware, this mode will most likely give the Seekers an advantage under different circumstances.

All Blind - This mode has perma-bans, meaning you are not allowed to choose that champion. If the following champions are chosen and the game is started, you will be ignored and your fellow teammates will get an increase in their lives (+1) : Evelynn, Twisted Fate, Shaco, Teemo, Rengar and Ashe.

Draft pick - The top player of each team will be able to ban any 3 champions they desire, so there is no set bans for this mode.

Attacks and Skill Use:
Each team has their own rules against Attacks and Skill Use.

Seekers - Seekers are allowed to use any means necessary to slay their target.

Hiders - Auto Attacks are banned. Purchasing the items Frozen Mallet, Sheen, Trinity Force, Lich Bane, Iceborn Gauntlet, Phage, The Lightbringer, Executioner's Calling, Entropy, Wit's End, Statikk Shiv, Runaan's Hurricane, The Black Cleaver, and any form of Life Steal do not validate this rule.
CC is the only skill viable for use by Hiders. The item Rylais Crystal Scepter, Morellonomicon, and Blackfire Torch do not validate the use of non-cc skills.
If you do not know what CC(crowd control) is, follow this link: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Crowd_control

Item Bans:
Each team has certain item bans that are currently banned.

Guardian Angel
Lightbringer(Until 25 minutes).
Oracles is banned until 15 minutes. Only a single teammate can have oracles on at a time, though you can both carry the item in a free slot. If this is used to kill a Hider that could have otherwise had potential for stealth, the hider recieves +1 lives.
1 Slowing item only. Meaning, If you get Frozen Mallet, Rylais, or Entropy, your partner is not allowed to purchase any of them, if he does, he must go back and sell it. If he kills pursues and kills anybody with this item, that Hider will automatically be given a +1 to their life. If they do not die, but still take a good amount of damage, they are allowed to return to base and heal up before moving out again. Randuin's Omen does not apply to this rule, neither does Hextech Gunblade or any other activated slow item.

Guardian Angel
Wooglet's Witchcap [I've seen too many people nab this item for the "+50 armor" bonus, it grant's too much AP and there are alot of cheaper item's that easily grant +50 Armor.]
Blackfire Torch [(see Wooglet's Witchcap)This item gives too much damage for what it is in combination with its burn and AP, and if you want any of the other stats there are better items.
Slowing items are allowed for 1 champion on this team. If any of the items listed in the Hiders "Attack and Skill Use" item bans is purchased, it's passive/activate must not be used, for it requires at least 1 auto attack. Target actives such as Hextech Gunblade do not count towards the slow item limit.

Hider Rules:
Hiders are the only players that can receive a penalty, being they are the only ones consisting of lives. Each penalty only reduces you by 1 life, and nothing more (unless multiple penalties pursue after the first). This includes:

Killing a Seeker
Using Auto Attack(if you were merely standing there as they cross your path and your champion attacks by his/herself, you are not pentalized.)
Using Non-CC
Returning to base(unless you die)
Hitting a Seeker using Teleport to return to base.
Revealing your teammates to the Seekers.(Yes, some people will call out your position in All Chat)
Stacking Boxes (Shaco), Shrooms (Teemo), Plants (Zyra), Cupcake Traps (Caitlyn), or any other sort of trap (Nidalee). Stacking any of these isn't CC, it's intentionally causing damage. This rule does not apply to Seekers.
Killing a seeker after you are out of lives, even to defend yourself.(If this happens the Seekers get +1 min, and if they do kill you they waste time and give you another life.)

Seeker Rules:
You are not allowed to camp the Hiders spawn, or any other part of the map.
If a Hider has just left base, you are to give them 30 seconds to hide before striking / pursuing them.
Before level 11, you must return to base when at 200 hp or below. After level 11, you must return at 300 hp or below. Refusal to return to base within 5 seconds and killing a hider when you should have returned gives the hider a free trip back to base without losing a life.
Do not attack anybody that is already eliminated. Unless the eliminated Hider attacks/provokes you first, you are then given approval to kill him/her. Any Hider that has been killed, and is already eliminated, is back in with 1 life only. Leaving the boundaries of the outer circle and refusing to return is grounds to kill as well.

Champion Specific Rules

Blitzcrank - Your E is one exception to the autoattack rule as you need it for a knockup. Buying proc items to go with this is still not allowed.

LeBlanc - Your Q(Sigil of Silence) is NOT CC. It is magic damage, the only time it becomes CC is if you throw another skill while the mark persists. This skill is banned.

Singed - Your Q(Poison Trail) is banned. Getting Rylais Crystal Scepter does not validate this rule.

Kha'Zix - In case anyone finds this to be a bright idea, Evolving your Q((Taste Their Fear)Evolved Enlarged Claws) is banned. Anyone evolving this skill is only trying to do damage.

Nunu - When activating your ult, if the enemy is obviously trying to escape the radius you must let them go. Activating again it only has the purpose of doing damage.

(I'm still updating this section, I've gotta look through some champions still. Don't flame me for not being an "expert&quot


Seekers - Choose which player should be the CC and the Damage output. It'll give you an edge in the game.
Try to get a slowing item early, like Phage. (but remember only one)
Corner champions. For example, if a champion is hiding in one of the outer bushes, send your teamate to one side, and you to the other side, and flank them. If they come out the middle, they are now in vision and you can chase. Sending an enemy to a teammate lying in wait can work as well. In a match where speed can be key, having them right beside you helps.

Hiders - Start off with boots. This will easily give you a good edge.
Do NOT get Boots of Mobility. unless you are certain that you can get away without being damaged.
If you are able to get away easily, buy either a Randuins Omen, Rylais Crystal Scepter, or Athena's Holy Grail( for the CDR(cooldown reduction) ).
If you cannot get away easily, stack some Zeals.
Try to buy Eleisa's Miracle, after 3 levels, the item is consumed and you keep the abilities it offers, meaning free Health and Mana regen for those that get away!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy my rules, and the game! Have fun!

Banned for trolling or behavior not in the spirit of Hide n Seek:
NEar DEath666

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Thank you for crediting the work I had put into this.
I do realize the formatting is a little off, when I submit my thread, whether I'm updating it or just trying to fix it, It will throw random Underlines and Center's all around it and I have to go back and fix it again, but then the problem just becomes worse. Has something to do with the forums.

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missed sunfire? and some other items

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OMG A Ziziphus

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to the ban list. They're trolling.

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Stupid-ass necros and more naming+shaming, herp a derp