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Soraka/Warwick's new lore conflicts with Karma's judgement

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Pathetic excuse IMO. The short of it was that he was a tormentor, with Singed being his apprentice, before being cursed and turned into a werewolf. When someone becomes a werewolf and cant control the primal urges, it's obvious what they're gonna be like regardless of their history, as was the case with Warwick's original lore.

Now he's portrayed as a Black Market Dealer who always gets what he's after. That's a pretty big change from being a top alchemist who effectively paved the way for Singed to be who he is now.

Shouldn't be a reason to change things like skins and lore, not even for a new char (eg Diana's Valkyrie skin changed due to similarities with Syndra). Riot are digging themselves into a hole by remaking the lore of champs. Each champ has some link to other champs, as has been pointed out here. Changing Soraka and Warwick's lore has left loose ends with Karma and Singed. Karma witnessing the curse and Singed being Warwick's apprentice on a contract with the Noxian military.

Not a pathetic excuse. Trust me, I used to feel the same way you do, but after a few weeks of raging to all about the lore change, I began to realize how much the new lore made sense. As compared to the old one that is. I really hated how they screwed up the ionian war and the relationship between WW and Singed, but really, it makes WW a much MUCH more unique character, as well as Singed, and the transformation actually makes sense now, as opposed to Soraka just deciding to go "well lets turn this guy into a horrendously op werewolf so we can distract him from killing Karma for a few hours." Honestly, before the lore change, I saw Soraka as the stupidest character in the entire game. Now? She just seems... Innocent. She wants to help people, and this innocent desire is what got taken advantage of by evil hunters such as WW. And the transformation into the "perfect hunter" I don't find as awesome as the "reflection of inner self" but its still purtty cool. It makes his in-game quotes make A LOT more sense for that matter. But yeah, thats my spiel.