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Cosmic Gaming Weekly Tournament 4

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cB Zorn



Cosmic Gaming Tournaments

Introduction: This sunday 12/2/2012 CGT, will be hosting its fourth weekly. This tournament is a 16 team single elimination tournament. With a championship round being best of three. This tournament is in the process of being approved by riot.

More on the date and time: The tournament will be at 3 pm EST. The team leaders need to be on by 2pm EST to talk with me and to get games setup before tournament start time. The tournament will continue until there is a winner, therefore there is no end time.

Details on the tournament: The tournament will be streamed on twitch.tv available for all to view at 720p quality. This is an opportunity for aspiring casters to get a chance to cast tournament games as well. For teams in the League of Legends community this is a great chance to get tournament experience.

Prize Discussion: There is a $50 in riot points given to the winning team of the tournament. Meaning $10 in rp per person.

How to Enter:
Go to http://www.cosmicgamingtournaments.com
Go to “Tournaments” tab
Read through the information
Fill out the Sign Up Form with the information asked
You can look at the Tournament Calendar to see when events are taking place

Questions and Links: If you have any questions feel free to ask them here or at any of the below links.

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/CGtournaments
Official Website- http://www.cosmicgamingtournaments.com/