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Urgot needs a buff?

Yes, he is weak. 4 80%
No, he is balanced. 1 20%
No, he is overpowered. 0 0%
Voters 5 .


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I am a big fan of this champion, sometimes when my team don't argue about I pick him for bot, but I find it hard to lane, due to his low range, it's pretty risky to last hit, and his locked-in Q range was highly nerfed, can't harass the enemy beause they just back a bit and they're out of range, mid lane is possible too, I think its a great counter to katarina, due to the ranged harassment and the swap to stop kat's ult, but nobody wants an urgot mid, my point here is that he doesnt have a place in game, I mean, he has but he cant perform good, I think he might need a buff on his Q range, just that, like it was before and he will be doing good again. what do you think guys?

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I think he will see more spotlight season 3 with the new BC and the upgrade manamune.