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Blatant spamming racism in champion select

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Mummy Mum Muggy

Junior Member


I wrote the following a minute ago to RIOT, I send it to -Player Support - Submit a Request- anyone know if that was the right place? Anyway...... here is my message:

Just a few minutes ago a friend and I qued up for a game and were placed in the champion select lobby with 3 other summoners. They promptly proceed to all paste some extremely racist sentences and spammed them over and over. They were not selecting champions, just pasting these horrible phrases over and over again, it hit 3 seconds left and I was forced to dodge the game so I would not be stuck the room with these foul people.

This instance bring up to huge problems; the first being there needs to be a way to report players prior to the game actually starting. I have seen language like this in the past but never to this extent, I have played the game for over two years now and this kind of behavior is actually intensifying.

The second problem is because I dodged this game (for very good reason) I was forced to wait 15 minutes to play again (meanwhile these 3 offensive players were free to que up and do the very same thing to another group of players, and no doubt forcing them to dodge).

I will continue to support this game, but it needs to fix some of areas where these seedy folks lurk, pre-game (champion) select needs some love. I hope you take some of this to heart and I really hope I'm not the first to speak up about this.

Mummy Mum MUggy