Miss Fortunes Bounty, A Dark Affair Story

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Fortunes Dark Affair

I had some down time so I thought I would write a small story about a bounty hunt that Miss Fortune took part in. Positive criticism and remarks are defiantly welcome. Thanks for reading the story it’s a bit long but I am sure you will enjoy it, if you decide to read it.

Queill Jinx was a greedy scoundrel whom often held a hard bargain and haggled prices like no one else in Bilgewater had seen. Jinx owned a shop that often people would stop in and visit to see the newest and darkest trinket Jinx had bought. Queill ran his dark shop called “Jinx’s Trinkets and otherwise Black Magic Items” where he sold artifacts that held powerful curses, charms and allurements. Once Queill’s business skyrocketed in the shadows of Bilgewater, creating mayhem and chaos throughout the town Queill was given a gift from an anonymous benefactor, a gift that would forever change his life.

Miss Fortune has been known for her impeccable ability to seduce, hackle and terminate those with bounties on their heads. Fortune had hunted pirates on land and by sea in all the area in which Bilgewater contains. Sarah Fortune began her newest adventure like any other day, when she stumbled upon a wanted poster, hanging up on the molded, broken down sheriff’s post. The poster she was looking at was barely held up by a piece of gum and a bent nail. The poster had a sketch of a dark looking figure with the title: “Vamp. Spilling innocent blood, 13 victims dead.” She skipped a few lines and read: “Known to lurk in dark shadows, almost invisible to the human eyes, this predator preys upon the young…” Fortune stopped reading, ripped the poster off the horrendous posting block and looked over to her partner in hunting, Jaundice. Now Jaundice and Fortune haven’t always gotten along in part because Sarah Fortune always was the better looking one and Jaundice was just the book worm everyone barely noticed. Jaundice always had thick glasses on, never brushed her frizzy curly hair and wore clothes that made people shake their heads.

“What do you think Jaundice? Want to hackle in some scum that aren’t pirates today?” Fortune asked her friend shoving the poster in her hands.

“Don’t get cocky, Fortune. Our specialties are in Pirate hunting we know nothing about Vampires, to my knowledge.” Replied Jaundice putting the poster inches in front of her face so she could read it.

“Who doesn’t want to hunt Vampires? Isn’t there rumors of a vampire up in the Tempest Flats near Noxus?” asked Fortune.

“I do believe so, and I heard a stirring with a new member of the League as well.” Replied Jaundice.

“Maybe this is him, look at the bounty on his head. I could buy myself that Santa dress I have been eyeing.” Snickered Fortune, thinking about all the eyes that would be staring at her in that new dress.

“Let’s focus on how to catch this scumbag first. Our best bet is to wait for the night, and wait for him to find us.”

“Jaundice, I am pretty sure that’s the simplest plan you have ever advised. The fun begins.”

Fortune usually always had the same type of plan when bounty hunting. A simple plan based solely off looks, deception, and powder kegs. The night was approaching and Fortune knew he would strike again tonight. They decided to set up a trap around the grungiest, darkest pub in downtown Bilgewater where some of the ugliest scoundrels can be found. Jaundice didn’t like Fortunes idea but she went along with it. Sarah Fortune had Jaundice take base across the tavern in an abandoned shop keeping watch and making sure all is well. The night was fast approaching and Fortune decided with the reluctance of Jaundice to wear a cowboy outfit. A short skirt, and a revealing top always rolled in the most dangerous men.

Fortune propped one leg up seductively on the lamp, outside the tavern, waiting for her vampire to show. The night wore on and no hint of vampiric darkness lingered in the area only foul play, disgusting drunks and the occasional thief flirted with Fortune. Fortune began to know something was amiss late into the night when no sign of him was seen. Perhaps he found another victim she thought, or maybe he caught onto my plan. “Nah my charm is to damn good, nothing can resist this” she thought to herself. The night continued on, when Fortune heard a stifled scream and a small crash.

Sarah Fortune remained calm, she knew if she acted startled or scared something much worse could happen, fear draws in the most daunting creatures in the night. Lightly pushing herself off the pub post she strutted quickly to the sound of the crash and where her friend was hiding. Fortune reached for her revolver pistols, making sure they were still there, just in case. Slowly Fortune opened the door to the abandoned store and cringed wondering what horror was before her. A bloody, tangled mess of a friend? Disembodied Jaundice? Shuddering, Fortune pushed the door all the way open with a small creak. Inside the building was almost complete darkness except a small candle that flickered showing a broken ceiling and split wood upon the floor where her friend lay in a small bloody pool.

“Damn it, Jaundice are you alright?” Whispered Fortune in a worried voice, strutting over to her friend, while holding back the tears and shaking Jaundices body awake.

“Who the hell shakes a seemingly dead person in hopes to wake them? What would have happened if my neck was broken and you just shook the livingly daylights out of me? Yep that’s right you would have killed me.” Meekly smiled the pained Jaundice, still with her eyes closed.

*slap* “Don’t back sass the boss, and don’t you ever scare me again like that or I will make sure you are dead.” Retorted the cold Sarah Fortune “Now what happened?”

“Well, after hours of nothing happening, which is what I expected to happen, I had to use the bathroom really bad. So I took a venture upstairs hoping to find a pot or something to take a leak in. Then of course you can see I fell through the only thing in this damn house the molded floor boards.” Cringed Jaundice.

“I see, and I noticed you found the bathroom as well.” Laughed Miss Fortune.

“If you mean me pissing myself then yes, I am sure you would have done the same in my situation. Now can you help me up, let’s get out of this damned place before someone else shows up.” Said Jaundice still with her eyes closed. Fortune helped her up and brushed the small debris off her body and ripped part of her already skimpy dress off to cover the small bloody areas on her body.

On their rough walk back home they passed a few pubs in town one such that was closing a huge straggly looking man was being pushed out.

“Get out you ugly fool, it’s time to close the bar. You’ve spent enough, ugh you are so disgusting.” Shouted the bar owner as he slammed the door shut. A shirtless, giant of a man stumbles onto the street with a beer keg in hand.

“Ladddieess *burp* Wheerrree ammm I?” asked the drunken man.

“Bilgewater, wait Gragas is that you?” replied Miss Fortune.

“Yessss Maammm *burp*” stumbled Gragas.

“Why the hell are you in Bilgewater? Go home Gragas you’re drunk.” Said Fortune clearly disgusted.

“Buttt… I jussttt wannnteedd some alee is all.” Mumbled Gragas who was walking off into the night wondering to another pub it looked like.

The two walked on forgetting their encounter and dealing with the struggle with keeping Jaundice afoot.

“We have to hurry; I don’t want people to see me like this. When the sun comes up everyone is going to see me and wonder what happened.” Jaundice said in a nervous voice.

“We are almost there Jaundice, to your house. Do you remember your runecode?” asked Fortune. In Bilgewater instead of keys, houses are inscribed with enchantments and only the residents know the runecodes to unlock their homes.

“Ugh I can’t remember the codes, I must have hit my head harder than I thought Sarah.” She said while rubbing her head.

“Odd… lets head to my place then.” was all Miss Fortune said for she knew Runecodes aren’t easily forgotten.

They reached Fortunes house just as the sun began peaking up from the horizon. Both of them exhausted from the nights pains. Miss Fortune put Jaundice in the guest room, dressed her wounds and then climbed up to her own room to get some shut eye, thinking about who odd her friend had been after the accident.

When Miss Fortune awoke it was dark outside, except for a pair of eyes glowing glistening orange down at her. “I knew it, a shapeshifter.” Fortune hissed. That explained why her friend had her eyes closed the whole time, for dark shifters eyes glowed orange.

“Yesss” coughed the dark voice coming out of what seemed to be her friend’s body in the dark. “Although, I am much more than the average shifter and more powerful. At first I thought this was a curse, forced out of my original human form to become empty, barren, and useless inside to become nothing but a blob of mass. I lived in the shadows after the incident, invisible for my true form is much more befitting. I soon found out that if I consume and host on a human body I can regain strength and gain some of what I was. I can feel human again, something I never thought I would ever want to feel again. Once I feast on the bodies, I become them for one day, and they well they… end up dead like your friend will once I leave. Just like you will be next.” Said the daunting figure seemingly laughing as he spilled these words out of her friends mouth.

Miss Fortune reached for her guns under her pillow.

“You looking for these, sweetie? Hahahha” bellowed the shifter. Holding up her pistols, “I took the liberty of taking care of your guns. Can’t spoil the fun tonight can we?”

“Well, if I am going to die can I at least look like a lady?” Miss Fortune asked swinging her legs off the bed onto the floor revealing her long legs.

“I can spare you some time. But beauty won’t get you anywhere where you will be going after I am done with you. Hahahaha” laughed the figure.

Miss Fortune ignored his remarks and walked over to her vanity mirror. “You don’t mind if I powder my nose?” she asked. Looking through the mirrors into the orange eyes, all knowing that he was envying her body.

“Girls are always vain to the end aren’t they?”

“Some, what was your name before all of this?” asked fortune while she was brushing her hair.

“I once owned: Jinx’s Trinkets and otherwise Black Magic Items. You may have heard of the shop that was my store your friend was in, when I found her. They once called me Queill, the best haggler in all of Bilgewater before this all happened.”

“Yes, I do remember you.” Said Miss Fortune putting on her best lipstick in the mirror while puckering her lips. Then she got up walked over to her closet and slipped into her sparkling purple dress. She knew he was watching her, she had him now.

Turning around she said: “So how is this going to happen? You bite my neck or do you eat my soul or?”

“Depends, but a simple kiss should suffice for now?” Whispered the creepy voice.

Miss Fortune saunters over, knowing if this doesn’t work it might be her end but at least she has one last trick up her sleeve. It was odd to see her friend in the dark alive yet dead controlled by this unknown cursed creature. She leaned up and kissed her friend quickly on the lips. He grabbed her, when she tried to pull away and she only had to resist for a bit before he stood completely frozen.

“I’m surprised you didn’t recognize the lipstick I put on. Months ago I purchased it from you. I remember you told me that it stuns the kissed and forces them to speak only but the truth. The only pitfall was that the person to be kissed had to desire death for the person wearing the lipstick. Which as you can see worked perfectly well here. The only question I have is can you be killed in human form?” Fortune said while picking up her pistols off the ground and pointing them at what was her friend.

“No, you filthy wh-“

*slap* “You killed my friend, my partner in bounty hunting you have no room to speak anymore then I ask.” Snapped Miss Fortune who at that time noticed that the sun was beginning to rise and light began to pour into her room. “The Sun” she whispered.

She saw fear in its eyes as she opened her red curtain, the sunlight slowly creeping across the floor and then onto her friends foot and up her legs. As the light hit the body the darkness left the touched parts and a shrill shriek erupted when the light covered her friends entire body. Then a dark, black mass erupted from her mouth and fell onto the floor simmering in the sunlight and making a sizzling sound. All the while trying to move and form into a human shape reaching for Fortune. who fired a single shot saying “Fortune doesn’t favor fools”. The blob like entity exploded into a million pieces and instantly evaporated into the air. Miss Fortune dropped her guns just as her friend fell onto the floor. Queill was no more, and neither was Jaundice who lay lifeless upon the floor.

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wai is ther no pr0nz

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wai is ther no pr0nz
Um English please?