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Annie's Adventure.

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(Oh hai der! I'm here today as novice writer and wanted to show off a bit of my creativity here. I've been working on this for a couple months, but now I can finally type it up. Please excuse any spelling errors. I shale fix those as soon as I can!)

Warning: *Original Characters used!*

Table of Contents:

Prologue/ Chapter I - Kat's Object (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31875295#post31875295)
Chapter II - Kat's Gone Too Far This Time (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31910453#post31910453)
Chapter III - Annie Meets Lune (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=31929849#post31929849)
Chapter IV - Get up Annie (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=32110398#post32110398)
Chapter V - Get to the Tram (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=32469632#post32469632)
Chapter VI - Kat Found Us (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=32678768#post32678768)
Chapter VII - In the Medical Wing (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=32882206#post32882206)

Next to do:

Chapter VIII - Heading off to Freljord...again.

Prologue ------------

As the League of Legends start to celebrate the end of season 5, strange events seem to be occurring around the institute. More specifically, Katarina, the Sinister Blade and legendary champion of the league, has seemed to display immense skill and power on the fields. Even with the restrictive spell surrounding the field, her strength, agility, and reaction time seem to be incredibly powerful.

After her final match for the season, Annie Hastur, veteran champion of the league, noticed Katarina's ever growing strength when she was on the fields. After noting that she was able to strike Tibbers down with a single Shunpo, Annie decided to do a bit of investigating.

In the locker room after the match, Annie snuck passed Kat as she was in the shower, and rummaged through her locker. She found nothing outside her usual knives and Noxian garments, except a strange gold-purple circular rock. Before Annie could have a chance to search around for something else, Katarina left the shower and caught the teen stealing her stuff. Annie barely made it out of the locker room before Katarina could call her personal guards to chase her down.


Chapter I - Kat's Object.-------

Normally, the Institute of War's great halls and dorms would be silent and calm this late at night. All the Summoners have left for their dorms to await the last match of the season between Demacia and Noxus, and all the champions had left early so they could get up in time for the breakfast feast the High Summoners threw them every year.

The tranquility and calmness from the empty and peaceful halls had been disrupted by a small girl running through the halls at a surprising speed. Annie, "the Dark Child" and famous League Champion, was running for her life from what appeared to be a large group of Noxian Royal Guards.

No matter how much fire or flaming objects she tossed back at the armored guards, they would not slow down. She tried weaving through the dorm halls to lose them, but no avail. The highly trained personal of the Noxian Royal Guards were relentless in their pursuit of the teen.

In one last desperate attempt to shake off her aggressors, Annie flashed a large blinding light behind her, and dashed down the closest dorm hall. While it did slow down the guards, it no way stopped them.

Annie had to react fast. She searched for a room to hide in, but ever dorm was locked and sealed. Luckily, she found a room that was still opened at the end of the hall.

Without a second thought, Annie ran through the opened door, turned and closed the door all in one swift motion. Locking it, she sighed and relaxed on the floor, trying to catch her breath. She could hear the footsteps of the guards passing the hall.

"Can I help you?" A familiar voice called out from behind the child, startling her. Ahri, "the Nine-Tails Fox" and fellow champion, was sitting on her extremely large red lace bed, brushing her many tails lazily, "Well, what do you want?"

Annie tried to speak, but she was too out of breath to respond, "We-well...yo...I just..."

Before Annie could utter a complete thought, a loud bang on the door interrupter her, startling the child.

"Open up, I need to speak with you!" A female voice called out from behind the door.

"Oh no!" Annie screamed in as loud of a whisper as she could, "They found me! Hide me!" Annie dashed under a nearby table, shivering and breathing heavily as the banging on the door continued.

"Open up please!" The voice ordered again, "I need to speak with you!"
"Go away!" Ahri commanded from her bed.
"Please, I need to speak with An-" The guard started in between her annoying knocking.
"Private! Let's go!" A male voice shouted from the hallway, "She's not in there, that's Ahri's room! No one would be foolish enough to invade that devilish fox's home willingly! Let's go!"

The banging immediately stopped, as footsteps could be heard leaving the dorm hall. Once they were out of earshot, Annie finally sighed, given a chance to relax.

"So what was that about?" Ahri questioned the teen as she emerged from under the table.
"Would take to long to explain," Annie muttered, heading for the door. She unlocked the handle, but one of Ahri's long tails stopped her from opening it.
"Come now. You barge into my private room unannounced and expect to leave without explaining why? That's not gonna fit well with me."

Annie turned around and faced Ahri, who was now sitting upright on her enormous 20 foot wide bed.

"Now, come up here and explain just what is going on that could lead you to think invading my room was a smart move," Ahri ordered.

Annie slowly walked up to the large bed and pulled herself up.
"Well, you see, I was...running from Katarina's guards down the halls."
"Katarina?" Ahri interrupted, "This just got interesting."

It is a known fact Ahri disliked Katarina from day one, given her naturally evil presence around her. However, ever since the end of Season 4, when Katarina was able to strike Ahri down unfairly in a deciding fight, her hatred of the Noxian grew ever so deeper.

"Um..yea, well, you see," Annie started again, "I'm sure you noticed Katarina was getting way too strong right?"
Ahri nodded back, putting her brush down on the bedside table.
"Well, I think she's been cheating somehow. I did a bit of snooping around in her locker after my last match, and found something that may be giving her some new power."

Annie took off her bear-head backpack and opened it up, taking out a small gold-purple stone before closing it back up again.

"I found this. I'm not quite sure what it is exactly, but I was hoping someone could tell me."
Ahri inspected the little object as Annie held it up, "Hmm...it looks to be a rune of some sort."
"A rune? Hmm..." Annie started, "You wouldn't happen to know what it does, do you?"

Ahri shook her head and returned to her self grooming, "Sorry kid, I don't know much about runes. I'm sure someone like Ryze or Xerath could tell you."

"Maybe I'll go see 'em," Annie concluded as she jumped off the bed and grabbed her backpack.

"Leaving already?" Ahri asked.
"I gotta," Annie replied as she headed for the door once again, "It's getting way too late and I gotta get to Tibbers before one of Kat's lackies find him."
"Oh," Ahri responded, remembering her many encounters with the shadow bear on the fields, "I'm sure he can fend for himself."
"Not until I release him," Annie admitted as she opened the door.
"Hey kid, next time, knock before you enter," Ahri called out as Annie exited the room.

Annie exited back into the grand hallway towards her dorm on floor 2. Since the summoner that normally operates the elevator was out for the night, she had to take the stairs up.

At least the guards are gone. she thought as she made her way up the small steps.

Upon reaching the second floor, she heard the footsteps of marching men heading off towards the third floor stairs. As she entered the hallway, she noticed a trail of ruble and debris coming from her dorm hallway. Annie sneaked passed the 1 guard left in the hallway to the dorms with relative ease.

When she entered the hallway, she was shocked to see everything in the hallway had been destroyed. Pictures were scattered along the floor, pieces of the wall and ceiling were stripped apart and thrown on to the ground. Ashes and dust littered everywhere, and the mess seamed to get worse closer to Annie's Room.

Oh no my room! She screamed in her head Tibbers!

Annie ran towards her door quickly, which had been torn off the hedges violently. As soon as she opened the door, she fell to her knees.

Everything in the room was destroyed. her bed was cut in half and her sheets were scattered around the floor. Her desk was in pieces scattered across the ground. Her personal photos were ripped up and tossed aside. Nothing was left untouched.

Annie's eyes started to tear when she noticed her closet door had been torn off its hinges and broken in half. She has stored Tibbers in there before she went off to her last match, hoping he was safe. As she slowly walked towards the closet, her worst fears were realized.

Tibber's head was found lying in the ground with a spear head wedged in his eye bead. His body was found on the ground, torn apart with stuffing all over the place.

"TIBBERS! OH NO! PLEASE NO!" she yelled out as she rushed over to the head of her once beloved friend. She tried to release him from his toy prison like she had countless times before, but to no avail. Tibbers wouldn't respond.

Tears started to run down Annie's face as she grabbed Tibbers' torn body and head, holding them close. She fell to the ground, crying out in anguish loudly. The doll let out a ghostly wail every time the stuffing hit the dust covered floor.

Annie lost all control over herself, bawling her eyes out as she cuddled the toy.
"I'm sorry Tibbers. I should never have left you! I promise I won't do it again. Just please, come back!" Annie cried out, still trying to release her bear, but to no success. Instead, she was left sobbing in her destroyed closet alone on the floor.

((Think I'm gonna end Chapter I here for now. Let me know what you think.)

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(Here's Chapter II...I originally had it as part of chapter I, but then I realized it was way too long...)

Chapter II- Kat's Gone Too Far This Time -------------

Annie laid on the ground, still sobbing over the loss of her bear Tibbers.
"How could they have done this?" Annie muttered in between her sobs, "Why couldn't they have left you alone Tibbers?"

Suddenly, a lone female guard appeared in the doorway without her helmet or staff.

"Hey, kid," she called from the doorway. Annie ignored the voice as she continued to cry out

"Yo, Kid..." The guard called back. Again, Annie wouldn't budge.

The guard slowly walked into Annie's destroyed room and stood in the closet doorway. Before she could take another step further, however, Annie surrounded herself with a shield of fire, protecting her and her dismembered bear.

"Woah. Hey, listen..." the guard responded, backing up a bit.

"GO AWAY!" Annie screamed out at the top of her lungs as tears fell from her eyes and hit the shield.

"Hey listen, I'm here to help you," The guard tried to explain.
"HELP?!" Annie yelled out as she stood back up, still holding her bear in both of her hands, "HELP?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU GUYS HAVE DONE?! TIBBERS IS DEAD THANKS TO YOU!"

Before the guard could react, a ball of fire dropped just 2 meters away from her feet, causing her to jump back a bit.

"Listen kid, that wasn't me who messed with your bear," She explained, "It was the captain. He said Katarina ordered everything in your room to be destroyed."

Annie's voice quickly turned from enraged-sorrow to an almost demon-like quality, "So you just follow Kat's orders like blind dogs? This time you guys have gone too far."

Another fireball landed in front of the guard, this time almost grazing her metal shoes.
"I-I agree, Katarina and the others have gone too far. That's why I wanna help you."

"Why would you want to help?" Annie asked as she started walking closer to the guard, "You're just another one of Kat's stupid lackies."

"No you're wrong. I'm not like those brutes that destroyed this room!" The guard explained, backing up onto the sawed bed, "I tried to stop them, but no one would listen."

Suddenly, a wall of flame surrounded the room, burning all the debris quickly. everything caught aflame and burned to ashes; even the bed caught fire quickly. The guard jumped off of it before it was engulfed in flames.

The pink and purple walls that once decorated the room had now been melted away. If it wasn't for the protective spell around every dorm, the entire Institute would go up in smoke in a matter of seconds.

Smoke clogged up the room fast as the flames grew larger. The guard fell to the ground after breathing in too much smoke, coughing and choking as Annie drew in closer.

"Ple-please, y-you gotta believe me," She cried out, hoping Annie would listen, "I wanna help you get revenge o-on Katarina."

Annie's expression remained unchanged behind her shield. She stood firm in front of the guard as she fell to the ground hard.

Everything in the room burned up, reduced to ashes. Even her precious books and photos were scorched in her rage. The guard continued to cough in the smoke, holding out her hand to Annie.

"Listen, I can help you avenge your loss. Just ple-please sto...st-stop the...fla..." The guard was starting to feel light headed from the lack of pure oxygen left in the room. She held out both her arms up to the ceiling. Suddenly, she covered herself in a magenta colored shield, separating her from the smoke that engulfed the room, and allowed her to breath again through the blackend atmosphere.

"Look, child, I understand your pain, and I can help," The guard stated behind her shield, "Just turn off the flames."

Annie's voice called back with a demonic echo through the cackle of the flames that surrounded the room, "Why should I believe you?I should kill every last one of you to make up for Tibbers."

"Listen, if you let me live, I can help you give Katarina what she deserves."

The flames around the room started to fade away, but the heat still stayed strong. The guard slowly walked over the Annie and placed her shielded had on top of the teen's flame barrier, "I want to help you," She assured as the flame from Annie's shield started to weaken her own.

Annie slowly dropped her shield down as the flames around her died out.

She fainted to the ground, being stopped only by the guard dropping her own shield and catching her before she hit her head.

A tear ran down Annie face as she dropped her bear onto the ash covered floor, "I...I just...I want Tibbers to be avenged. He didn't deserve to die..." Annie stated softly, closing her eyes.

"I understand," The guard assured, shutting off her own shield, "I can help you."

Annie opened her watery eyes and stared at the guard, "How can we show her the same mercy she showed Tibbers?"

"Well...I have a plan that involves that rune you took from her." the blonde guard told the girl.

"Ru-rune?" Annie asked, "Oh wait, that st-stupid thing that started this?"

"Yes," The guard responded as she and Annie both stood back up.

"How's that gonna help us?" Annie asked as she stared back at her bear that lied in the ash.

"I know a guy in the library that can help out," She answered.

"How do I know I can trust you?" Annie quizzed, still unsure about the seemingly young guard.

"Because I want Katarina gone as much as you do," She responded.

"What's your name anyway?" Annie asked as she turned her gaze back to the guard.

"Name's Alice," she admited, "Alice Sorme."

"Alice. I'm Ann Hastur. by the way," Annie replied back, still unsure of her newfound friend, "But almost everyone still calls me Annie."

"Well... come on, Ann," Alice remarked, "Let's head down to the library. If we hurry we can slip passed the others before they head back to Katarina."

"Oh-okay," Annie responded, keeping her distance from the Noxian, "But if you try anything, I won't hesitate to burn you where you stand."

"No worries, child," Alice remarked, heading towards the door, "Come on, let's go!"

Both girls exited into the hallway and headed down to the stairs, avoiding the guards that were heading to the top dorm floor.

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(Here's chapter III, if anyone is actually reading this. Fixed all the spelling mistakes and what not in the first 2 chapters too. Enjoy!)

Chapter III - Annie meets Lune.----------

After 20 silent minutes of walking, the two finally reached the Grand Library on the west side of the Institute. It wasn't until they both were in front of the large double doors that Annie finally broke the silence between them.

"So...what are we doing here again?" The girl asked.
"I'll explain later," Alice responed as she pulled out a silver-gold key from her chain armor and unlocked the grand doors.
"How'd you..." Annie started.
"Owner of the place gave me a spare key in case I needed something from here," Alice explained, "Never thought I'd actually get to use it till now."

Alice pushed the doors open, revealing the dimly lit, vacant library. As both girls walked into the enormous room, they could hear the echo of their footsteps bouncing off of every one of the 10,000 bookshelves and the enormous walls.

"Wow, I haven't been here in forever," Annie admitted looking around the room, "I had almost forgotten just how big this place is."
"Yea, and it's easy to get lost here, especially in the dark," Alice warned as she created a small orb of light around her hand, "So stay close."
"Alright," Annie complied. lighting a small flame herself.

The two traversed the large room cautiously. Annie followed close to Alice, but still kept her distance from the blonde guard. She still didn't fully trust her yet.

As they reached the fountain in the center of the Library, Alice paused and looked around.

"Hmm..strange. Normally he'd be around the fountain this late..." Alice muttered under her breath.
"Hmm?" Annie let out.
"Oh, nothing dear," Alice assured. Looking around, she noticed a small blue light shining about 20 feet away, "Come on let's go."

Alice picked up her pace noticeably as she rushed over to the light shining behind the bookcase up against the wall, with Annie slowly tagging along.

"Where is this person we're supposed to meet anyway?" Annie called back, trying to catch up.
"right behind here actually," Alice admitted, searching the books.
"Behind the bookcase?" Annie asked.

Alice picked out a seemingly random red book out from the bottom shelf and caused the whole thing to rumble. Each shelf, starting with the top most, started to lift up , revealing a small hole
with a blue light shining brightly through.

"Yep. After you," Alice remarked.
"Um...okay?" Annie hesitated, "Are you sure it's safe?"
"Don't worry about it," Alice assured, "Go on."

Annie finally shut off her flame and crawled through the small opening, "Aren't you coming too?"

"There's no way I could fit in there with all this armor on," Alice explained as she untied her leather arm braces off, "Go on, I'll catch up with you in a minute."

On the other side of the hole was a well lit, yordle sized room. The walls appeared to have been made out of old books, and the floor had a strange green material covering it. Inside the room was a brown, yordle sized leather chair set next to a small table with a few books and a blue lamp shining on it.

Annie crawled into the room and tried to stand upright in it. Her head barely hit the ceiling as she started to walk around the surprisingly spacious room.

Eventually, Alice made her way through the hole as well, wearing a casual attire that differed completely from her previously armored look.

"You change fast," Annie noted, looked back at the guard.

"Had this underneath the armor," Alice explained, trying to stand up in the room. Alice was slightly taller than Annie, so she had to bend down to avoid hitting her head She quickly searched around the room and called out, "Hey, Lune, where are ya?"

"Who's there?" A high pitched male voice called out from behind the leather chair, "I told Randle no visitors!"

"It's me, Alice," the blonde guard replied back.

"Alice?" A small old man, who bared a striking resemblance to League champion Heimerdidnger without his signature afro hair, popped his head out from behind the chair, "Alice! By Kayle's light, it is you!"

The yordle man stood up and ran over to Alice to greet her with much energy, "I haven't seen you since you went off to study at that College. Well look at you now, all grown up, mostly."

"Nice to see you too, Lune," Alice replied back, shaking the yordle's hand, "I'd love to play catch up some time, but for now we've got some more important matters."

"Oh now Alice, when did you become all serious," The yordle chuckled, "So what did bring you here to my private home so late?"
"It's about a rune," Alice explained.
"Well you came to the right place," he responded, "What rune is it?"
"Annie," Alice called out to the child, who was busy studying the many books that made up the walls, "Come show Lune your rune."

Annie turned to face the yordle man and cautiously approached him, "I don't know, can I trust him?"
"Why of course you can," Alice explained, "Professor Lunecal Martis is the best expert on all things related to runes, that I know of anyway."

"Flattery will get you no where, Alice," Lune teased, "Let's see this rune, child."

Annie hesitated in taking out the rune from her backpack, and slowly handed it over to Lune.

"Hmm...This is a...unique design. Very rare," Lune concluded upon inspection, "I think I've seen something like this in one of my books before."

Lune ran over to his wall of books and pulled out a rather large yellow one. Annie expected the wall to fall down on top of the yordle, but was shocked when not even a single book budged.

Lune opened up his book and placed it on the floor, pointing at a picture of the same rune in his hand, "There it is, the 'Zeal of Heroism. When activated, the wielder will gain an increase in their vitality, strength, magical control, wisdom, and reaction time. As long as the wielder continues to feed it power, it will continue to improve their heroic properties.'"

"So it's a buff rune," Alice remarked, "Would explain how Katarina has gotten so tough on the fields. Does it say how to power it?"

"Umm...it says 'The Zeal can only be powered by either sacrificing someone that displays immense skill in these traits, or it can be fueled by the Zeal of Vampirism.'" Lune read off.

"I see..." Alice responded, holding her head down.

"Wait, hold on," Annie interrupted, "I thought runes could only buff up one trait. That's what the summoners told me."

"Normally yes. But this is a powerful stone you found here," Lune explained, "If I remember correctly, there's only 2 in existence. one in the Shurima Desert, and one up in the Freljordian tundras."

"So which one did Kat find?" Alice asked, taking the rune back from Lune's hand.

"Well, I would say this one is the Desert one," Lune explained, "Given the sand marks and dusty residue on it."

"You think Kat knows about the other one?" Annie inquired.

"Doubtful," Alice exclaimed, "I think she only got this one cause she paid off some explorer for it. I doubt she even knew what it did until activating it."

"You know, I may have something that can help you," Lune interjected, running over behind his chair. After a few seconds of rummaging around, he popped back out with a scroll in his hand.

"What's that?" Annie asked in her usual little girl voice.

"This, my dear child, is a map," Lune explained walking over to the two, "It's a map to a legendary rune in Freljord. I bought it off of merchant a few months back, but haven't made much use of it."

"Is it real?" Alice asked, putting the rune in her pocket.

"Oh trust me," Lune assured, "For the price I paid it has to be real. Plus the guy has never sold me anything fake before," He handed it over to Alice.

"Should we go look for it?" Alice suggested.

"I think we should," Annie concluded, "If we have 2 of these things, we can utterly destroy that cruel Katarina a hundred times over."

"Yes well...I guess we are gonna make a trip to Freljord."

"We could leave tomorrow before the match," Annie suggested, "I was gonna head up there anyway to celebrate the end of the season with Ashe and Nunu anyway."

"Well if we wanna leave that early we're gonna need some rest," Alice concluded, "Luckily I have a spare dorm on this floor that would be perfect for both of us, given as how you burned yours down."

"Well let's go," Annie ordered as she yawned slightly, "How far is it?"
"Not that far actually," Alice assured, "Just outside the library hallway."

"You gonna come with us Lune?" The teen asked as she headed to the doorway.
"Oh no, I couldn't," Lune gently explained, "But you guys have fun on your little journey. Alice, be sure to come back soon."
"I will Lune," Alice assured the old yordle as she followed Annie back out to the main library.

Both girls lit their lights back up and followed the trail back out of the Library into the halls. Alice led the way towards her dorm, while Annie followed behind, growing ever more tired with each step.

((Coming sometime in the near future: Chapter IV - Getting to the Tram.)

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Aint nobody got time for dat.

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((Here's IV for those who want to read this. Sorry for the delay.))

Chapter IV - Get up, Annie.-----------------

An energetic Annie strolled down the middle lane of Summoner's Rift in yet another match, holding an unharmed Tibbers doll by her side. It was a very familiar path for her, having been down the lane countless times.

When she reached her outer Turret, the minion wave was already fighting the enemy's. There was no sign of her lane opponent, so Annie stuck to simply burning the minions. Each one she set ablaze gave her a sense of calm and serenity. For every minion that fell, another one came out from the fog and replaced it in the line, providing for unlimited target practice.

After striking her 10th minion, a spinning knife came flying towards the teen, striking her Tibbers doll straight in his head. Annie let out a quick gasp and dropped her bear on the ground. She recognized who threw the knife, but not from where it was thrown.

"Show yourself!" Annie shouted into the darkness as she placed her shield over her.

Almost instantly, Katarina appeared behind Annie's minions in a flash of blue smoke. Her facial expression appeared more sinister and devious than her normal serious look.

In one swift motion, Katarina causally tossed a knife behind her, striking all 8 minions and causing them to fall instantly as the knife returned back.

"Hello there, Ann," Katarina said in a sinister, almost insane voice that rivaled even Shaco's tone.

Annie slowly backed away as the minion wave and Katarina marched closer and closer. She tossed a large fireball from behind her shield at the assassin, but she just shrugged it off as if it was nothing more than a piece of paper.

"What's the matter Annie? Don't you wanna play?" She exclaimed as her expression grew even more devious.

Without replaying back, Annie turned around to run back to her tower. Unfortunately, another Katarina appeared behind the girl, halting her advance.

"Come Annie. It'll be fun," The second Katarina clone remarked, pointing on of her knifes at her.

Annie sent a flame out towards the Katarina clone, but she shrugged it off in a similar manner to the first one. Suddenly, 4 more Katarina clones appeared from the side bushes, surrounding the teen.

"Come Annie. Come play with us," Each clone chanted in a monotonous tone.

"Get away!" Annie screamed out as they closed in.

"Come play with us. It'll be so much fun," They exclaimed. Each clone dropped into Katarina's signature fighting stance, holding their knives towards Annie and grinning.

Scared and desperate, Annie flashed a bright light around her, blinding the Katarina clones for a quick second. While they were distracted, Annie dashed toward her tower. She hugged against the stone base as much as she could, hoping it would protect her from the insane Katarinas.

The clones turned towards the tower and tossed their knives at it. All 12 knives hit the stone tower without it fighting back, causing the stone supports to fall down. Annie let go of the weakened structure and attempted to run back even further up the lane. Unfortunately, the tower collapsed around her just as she started towards the inner Tower. Large pieces of stone and debris came tumbling on top of the teen.

Annie was in ineradicable pain as she was buried in the debris from the tower. She cried out for her team to come help, but no one responded. Not even her summoner said anything.

The stone was too heavy for the little teen to move, "Help!!" She screamed out, holding her hand out in an opening to try to get the attention of a passing by ally, "Help! I'm trapped!"

One of the approaching Katarina clones grabbed Annie's hand from the ruble and pulled the child out with a quick force, sending stone blocks flying everywhere.

"Now, let's play one of my favorite games," The clone ordered as she held her knife to the frightened and weakened girl, "It's fun. Watch."

The knife came straight towards her throat as she struggled to break free from the clone's steel-like grip. She could feel the cold blade touch her skin as she prepared for the stab, closing her eyes.

Suddenly, the world faded around her. Annie opened her eyes up, and she was back in Alice's spare dorm, sitting up in a exhausted gasp.

Oh, it...was just a dream...She told herself as she tried to catch her breath.

It took her a few minutes in the darkened room, but Annie realized Alice wasn't laying next her in the bed. She surveyed around the room, but couldn't find her.

"Alice?" She shouted into the darkened room as she slid the covers off.

"Annie?" Alice's voice called out from the personal bathroom next to the closet, "You finally up?"

"Um...I guess," Annie responded, "What time is it?"
"About 10:45," Alice replied as the shower was turned on, "You missed the breakfast feast, by the way.

Annie slid off the bed and lit up the nearby candle sticks so she could see, "Really? Aww...I promised Amumu I would sit with him at the feast. He must've been so disappointed."

"We've got bigger problems to deal with. Last tram to Freljord leaves in an hour," Alice pointed out, "If we don't hurry we'll have to wait till tomorrow to get that rune."
"Alright," Annie responded, "So I guess I won't be able to get a shower in will I?"
"You can take one when we get there," Alice remarked, "I got a guy up there that said we can use his home while we look for the rune."

Annie walked over to her backpack under Alice's desk and pulled out her winter clothes that she had carried around for matches and such. After a few minutes of changing, she swapped out her old bear pajamas for her blue-white coat and skirt. She looked over her outfit in the mirror on the closet door, and after fixing her hair a bit, was satisfied with her new look.

She stuffed her pajamas back into her bag and zipped it up just as Alice tuned off the shower.

"Hey Alice?" Annie called towards the bathroom.

"Yea?" She responded as her hextect hair dryer ran.

"Why did you decide to help me, anyway?"

After several seconds of silence, Alice responded, "Because. You were able to steal her rune, and after seeing what she did to your room, I'd figured you'd want revenge."

Annie looked back at her back on the desk nearby, which contained (among many other things) Tibber's disembodied head,"It wasn't so much the room, that could be fixed easily. But when she touched Tibbers, she crossed the line."

"Yea well, if we get that rune in Freljord, she'll regret ever touching your bear," Alice remarked as her hair dryer turned off.

"Yea...I know," Annie responded, "By the way, we should probably be heading out now. The crowds always become a hassle this time of the year."

"I'm not worried about the crowd," Alice exclaimed.

"Well don't underestimate them," Annie warned, "People go missing in the thicket of people, never to be seen again. I think we lost a new champion in the crowd at the end of season 4."

"Don't worry. As long as yous stick by me and we don't get distracted we should be fine," Alice pointed out.

Alice opened the door, letting out a bit of steam and revealing her wearing a very similar outfit as Annie, but with white pants instead of a skirt. Even her hair, other than being blond, was held up the same way.

"Nice outfit," Annie complemented.
"Thanks," Alice responded, "It was the only winter clothes I had in this room.
"Alright let's head out," Annie suggested, grabbing her backpack and heading for the door.

((next one's soon. I promise!))

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((sorry for the delay again. Here's V))

Chapter V - Getting to the Tram------------------

The traffic at the end of the season at the Institute could only be described as a pure nightmare. It seems like everyone in Runterra came down to catch a glimpse of the much anticipated match up between Team Demacia, lead by the newly apointed King Jarvan Lightshield IV, and Team Noxus, lead by the brutal dictator Jericho Swain.

What complicated things worse was that all the trams had been ordered to stop running durring the match, which began in no less than an hour. Since teleportation has been banned by all non-summoners and champions, Alice and Annie had to rely on reaching the trams in time or risk Katarina finding them.

Alice and Annie exited their room and headed out to merge in with the overgrowing crowd of Summoners, Champions, citizens, yordles, and the like. Annie attempted to stay as close to Alice as she could to avoid getting lost in the thicket of people.

"There's a lot more people here than I expected!" Alice loudly remarked, "Especially given how empty this place was last night!"

"It's how it always is!" Annie responded, "After the match everyone will be back home and this place will return to normal!"

"Let's hope we aren't here by then!" Alice suggested, "Tram station's up about maybe half a mile away! Let's hurry!"

Alice sped up her pace, weaving in between what little room was left in the crowd. Annie tried to keep up, but Alice was clearly more adapt at traversing large groups of people. Slowly the distance between the two started to grow, being replaced by the flood of poeple entering in from all directions.

Alice was getting further and further away quickly. She didn't seem to notice Annie had fallen behind. Her eyes were fixed upon reaching the trams before they closed.

"Wait up!" Annie shouted back, trying her best to keep vision on Alice. She didn't turn around, or even acknowledge her. There were too many people for Annie to handle, and the crown wasn't dying down anytime soon.

Annie tried to rush through to reach Alice before she lost sight on her, but was stopped when she crashed into another fellow champion, Amumu. Both fell to the ground harshly, causing quite a scene around them.

"Hey, watch were you're go-" The Sad Mummy started as he rubbed his large bandaged head, "Wait...Annie?"

Annie tried to regain her balance as she replied back, "Ugh. Sorry there Amumu. Didn't see you there."

"Oh um...that's alright," Amumu remarked as Annie helped him up, "I thought something terrible had happened to you?"

"What do you mean?" Annie asked, looking around to see if she could still see Alice.

"There were rumors about you at the breakfast feast," Amumu explained, "They say you've been spotted running from Kat's guards. Nunu even said he passed by your room and noticed everything was destroyed."

"Oh, um...you see," Annie started, trying to find the quickest way to explain what happened last night.

"Hey, where's Tibbers? Did he fall back there?" Amumu asked, looking behind to see if he could find her bear, "I don't see him."

"Yea about that," Annie explained, "I gotta get going now. How about you come with me to the trams. I'll explain on the way there."

"Alright," Amumu responded in his normally sad voice, "But how are we gonna get there? This crowd hasn't moved an inch in an hour."

"Hmm..." Annie thought aloud as she looked around, "Oh I know!"

Annie lit a moderately small flame on the end of her arm like a torched, and waved it around. Almost imediately the surround group of people started to back up into each other to avoid the flame catching onto their clothes.

"Um...isn't that dangerous?" Amumu noted, keeping his distance from the fire.

You worry too much," Annie teased, "Come on, hurry!"

Annie waved her torch-like hand frantically around. Even though she could control the flame's actions and could prevent it from actually harming anyone, the surround crowd was still in a panic, backing up as much as they can and proving just enough room for her and Amumu to walk through.

Quickly, Alice's blond hair came back into Annie's view as the crowd moved to create a path towards her.

"Alice!" Annie called out, trying to get her attention, "Alice! Slow down!"

Alice didn't turn around, again. Instead, she continued to weave in between the part of the crowd that had not met Annie's flame yet.

"Um, Annie. Who is Alice?" Amumu asked, unaware of who she was actually trying to call out to.

"The blonde one down there," Annie explained, pointing to her, "She's a friend, kinda."

"Oh," Amumu responed, noticing who she was pointing to, "Well she seems to be in a rush."

"Hey Alice!" Annie screamed out as loud as she could. She called out her name repeatedly as she closed the gap between them.

Finally, once Annie was no less than 3 feet away from her, Alice turned around. She noticed Amumu following her, as well the torch-like hand she was waving around. She chuckled slightly at the slight of the nearby summoners tripping over the panicked yordles behind them, causing quite a ruckus around them.

"Slow down, Alice," Annie called out.

Alice smirked a bit, halting her advance, "Come on Annie. We gotta hurry.

"We're coming!" Annie called back.

Annie reached Alice in an exhaust, turning off her hand, "You are way too fast."

Alice smirked back,"Well you're too slow. So who's your friend here?"

"I'm...um..." Amumu started, shying away from Alice's gaze.

"This is Amumu. I kinda ran into him back there and asked him to follow us," Annie explained.

"Well nice to meet you," Alice exlaimed, "Come on. The tram's gonna leave if we don't hurry."

"Alright," Annie said, "This time, let me lead."

Annie ran out infront of Alice and light up her hand again. Everyone around her back up away from the trio as fast as they could, causing people to trip over each other, get squished into the walls, and panic. The high summoners would have come to stop Annie had it not been for all of them focused more on the pre-match preparations.

Once the trio reached the tram station, Annie shut off her hand again. The trail of panicked individuals and fallen summoners behind them left an amusing scene to any passerby.

"Alright," Amumu started as they walked over to a nearby bench to rest up for a quick moment, "So what went on last night? Why have all these rumors been going around?"

"Well...you see. It has to do with Kat," Annie started, "You noticed how she's been getting stronger right?"

Amumu nodded back, "Yea I had. She cut right through my bandage in one hit last match I had with her."

"Well, I went to investigate why," Annie continued, "Found a rune in her locker that may be the source of her strength. Of course, she caught me and called out her guards out. I ran off and escaped them by ducking through the halls. I thought I was in the clear when they turned around back towards Kat, until....I returned to my room."

A single tear seemed to escape Annie's eye as she clenched her fist.

"Why? What happened? Did they burn your room?" Amumu asked, worried about her.

"N-no...worse. They...they killed Tibbers. Severed is head and let his spirit die," Annie explained, trying her best to hold back the mixture of sadness and rage she felt.

"What? Oh that's horrible! Why would they harm him?" Amumu questioned.

"Because..."Annie started.

"Because Kat is a ruthless assassin," Alice explained, "Who believes in getting even by any means. Annie took something from her, so she in turn took something from Annie."

"I see," Amumu noted, trying to comfort Annie, "Look, I want you to know Annie, if anyone ever harms you, I'll deal with them."

"Thanks Amu," Annie exclaimed, wiping her eyes, "Maybe you can come with us to Freljord. We were gonna look for another rune similar to the one I took from Kat, and use them both to destroy her." There was a hint of insanity left in Annie's tone.

"Al-alright. I mean, I guess I could come with you," Amumu said.

"Great. Come on, let's get on the tram." Alice ordered, standing up.

((And yet once more I gotta split the same chapter to 3 parts. Tune in next time for Chapter VI - Kat Found Us.))

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((not sure if anyone's actually reading this...but idc. Here's VI))

Chapter VI - Kat Found Us---------

As the three walked to get onto the tram, a spinning knife came flying at Annie. Alice quickly reacted and stopped the knife with a magenta orb around it, suspending it mid air 3 inches away from Annie's head.

Annie quickly turned around as another knife was launched in her direction. Again, Alice stopped it just in time.

"What's going on?" Amumu asked, turning around.

"It's Kat!" Alice exclaimed. As if on cue, Katarina appeared through the small crowd in a flash of blue smoke. Her gaze was fixed on Annie as she tossed out three more knives, each one stopped by Alice. Annie quickly placed her Molten Shield over her and readied a fire ball.

"Get on the tram!" Alice ordered as she tossed a magenta orb at the assassin, "Hurry!"

Annie stood her ground, wishing to punish Katarina harshly for what she did to Tibbers, "No, we can take her."

Amumu stood behind Annie, not sure of what to do next. He was ready to toss his bandage out if Annie did decide to fight.

"Go on, get out!" Alice ordered again, trying to stall Katarina with more restrictive orbs. Each one was easily dodged by the Du Couteau assassin.

"Not until she's as hurt as Tibbers," Annie declared as she rushed towards Katarina with a large flame in hand.

Katarina smirked at the approaching child before disappearing in a cloud of smoke, and appearing behind Annie, causing her to be knocked to the ground hard.

"Hello there, dear," Katarina greeted with a devious smiled, "I'll be taking my rune back, now."

Annie quickly turned around and tossed a fire ball at Katarina's head, barely missing her red hair. Annie rushed to her feet and readied her shield again.

"You are a true monster, Kat!" Annie screamed out as Alice and Amumu came up behind the assassin.

"Monster?" She remarked, "Is this about your bear? Don't worry, you'll be joining it shortly."

Before anyone could react, Katarina disappeared in another cloud of smoke, reappearing behind Alice. She quickly sliced her back, causing a large red mark on her back as she fell to the ground.

"Alice!" Annie cried out as she rushed over to her. The cut started bleeding out horribly, gushing everywhere. Alice looked up at the teen, appearing to be in horrible pain.

"Get out of here," She said weakly as she fell down. She still breathed, but didn't respond to Annie trying to get her to stand up. Katarina chuckled as she held out a healing potion out to Annie.

"Want this?" She teased, "All ya gotta do is give me the rune."

Annie looked up at Katarina. She knew not to trust her, but she didn't want Alice to die. She was out of options

"Fine," Annie exclaimed, pulling out the rune from her dress pocket, "You can have the damn thing."

"Smart kid," Katarina remarked, "You know, this coulda all been avoided if you had just stayed out of my stuff. Take this as a lesson."

Both tossed their objects at one another instantly. Katarina left the trio in a cloud of blue smoke again, laughing on her way out. Annie took the healing potion and forced it down Alice's throat gently, trying to stabilize her. The mark on her back looked serious.

Amumu walked up behind and handed Annie a few discarded bandages, "Here, use these. It should slow down the bleeding," Annie grabbed the bandages and used them to cover the gash.

"Thanks Amumu," Annie said as Alice started to move again. Annie and Amumu tried to help her stand back up, her expression showing she was in immense pain.

"You alright?" Amumu asked when they helped her over to the nearby bench.

"Ughh...Y-yea, I'm..okay," She weakly responded.

"Are you sure?" Annie questioned, noticing just how bad the cut was, "I think we should get you to the Medical Wing."

"I'm fi-fine," Alice tried to assure the two, "Re-really. Le-let's get to th- the...tr-" Alice started to lean over as she lost consciousness. Clearly she was losing too much blood too fast.

"Alright that's it," Annie declared, "Amumu, grab her legs. Let's get her to the Medical Wing, fast."

Amumu agreed as he grabbed her feet. Annie took her upper body, and both headed out to the Medical Wing just outside the Tram Station door. While the crowd may have been thick, they moved out of the way at the sight of Annie, allowing easy access for them to pass through.

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Pretty Good i like it XD

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(well thanks )

Chapter VII - In the Hospital Wing-------------

"Is she gonna be alright?" Annie asked for tenth time in a row.
"I told you already, we just don't know," the well dressed yordle doctor explained, "Her vital signs are steady, but she did lose almost two liters of blood."
"Well will she at least wake?" Annie questioned, looking over at Alice in her bed.
"We can't say. We are monitoring her closely, but we've done all we can do," He replied, "We just have to wait until she regains consciousness. "
"Alright, I'll stay here till she wakes then," Annie declared.

"If anything changes find me or another doctor immediately," he ordered before leaving.

Annie stared back at the somewhat peaceful looking Alice, almost brought to tears at the thought of losing her after her bear's so recent death.

"This is all my fault," She muttered, trying to hold back, "If I had just stayed out of her locker, none of this would have ever happened."

Annie rested her head on top of Alice, "Please wake up, Alice," she whispered.

A knock at the door startled the child slightly

"Hey, mind if I come in?" a female voice called out.
"Oh, um yea sure," Annie responded, turning towards the door.

When the door opened, a tom-boyish looking doctor stood with a concerned look. she walked over toward Alice, almost ignoring the teen.

"So how bad is she?" She muttered to herself as she picked up the chart on the end of the bed, "Two litters gone... Gash running down her spine... No permanent damage. Man that is one bad scratch."

"Um...excuse me," Annie interrupted, "But who might you be?"
"Oh, Doctor Remia, chief of medicine... in training" she replied, "See, I'm the one assigned to help..."She reads the chart, "A-Alice? Wait..."

The doctor leans closer at looks at Alice's blood covered face, "Alice Sorme," She exclaimed.

"You know her?" Annie asked, puzzled at her sudden reaction to Alice's name.
"Of course I knew Alice," she responded, "She's my fiancé...sorta"

Annie's eyes widened, "Really? Does that mean you can help her more than the others will?"
"Perhaps. What happened to her?" she wondered.

"Kinda a long story," Annie explained, "But basically she was helping me fight Katarina when she got hit. I didn't exactly see what happened, but I'm guessing she sliced her back pretty deep."

"Maybe... I assume the others closed the wound up," Dr.Remia exclaimed, "Help me flip her over so I can take a look at that cut."

Annie nodded as they both took opposite ends of Alice's bed. In one quick motion, Alice's blood-stained, bandaged gash exposed to the world.

"Well that's not a pretty sight," Dr.Remia noted, "Alright, let's get those bandages off."

Dr.Remia picked up a pair of scissors off the nearby tray and used the to slowly expose Alice's injured back. Annie could barely look as the scratch revealed more.

"Just as I thought," the Doctor remarked, "They closed the wound but didn't heal it. Probably regen'd her blood though, given how much she lost."
"So can you help her?" Annie wondered.

"Yea, I can," Remia stated holding out her hand. She muttered something under her breath Annie couldn't quite make out, and her hand started to glow a bright grey light. Slowly, Alice's injury started to heal itself, disappearing as if it wasn't even there. All the dried up blood on her back evaporated in an instant, and the scratch Katarina had caused had all but gone away, leaving behind only a small scar.

After Remia's hand returned to normal, Alice started to wake up, groaning quite loudly into her pillow.

"She lives!" Annie exclaimed, bending over to hug Alice quickly.
"Ugh, yea kid, nice to see you too," Alice remarked as she flipped herself over. She caught a glimpse of Dr. Remia and her eyes widened, "Sam?"

"It's good to see you again, Alice," The doctor responded with a smile, "Been far too long."
"I'll say. I thought Kat's guards got you," Alice stated, "Glad to see you're alive."

"Same could be said for yourself," Dr. Remia remarked, "You should have seen the kind of fuss your friends made when they brought you in."
"Oh it wasn't that bad," Annie exclaimed, thinking back to when they first arrived, "It's just...she lost a lot of blood alright. I panicked."
"Yea I know," Dr. Remia, "They're still cleaning it up I think. So Alice, what did happen to you?"

"Oh, well..."She looked over at Annie, "I guess I could explain a bit, seeing as how Ann and you both saved me."

She sat up against the head of the bed, allowing Dr. Remia and Annie to both sit down at the end.

"See..after you had disappeared, I was left alone to spy on Kat," Alice started as she turned toward Dr. Remia, "I knew it was only a matter of time till I got discovered as well, so I gathered up what info I could on her. That's when I discovered the rune."

Alice turned to Annie, "I was about to take it from her that night, but it seemed you beat me to it, Annie."

Annie smirked a little, "Well...Shoulda said something," She sarcastically exclaimed.

"Anyway, once Kat called the guards in after you, I joined in on the chase. I broke off from the main pack after you flashed that blinding spell and saw you head toward the fox's room."

"So that was you that banged on the door?" Annie asked, recalling the events of that night.

"Yea, I tried to speak with you so I could get the rune before the others saw you. Luckily the captain that caught me outside Ahri's room wasn't the brightest of the bunch."

"Oh you mean Captain Kev?" Dr. Ramia added, "Yea, I always wondered how he got to elite status since the first day we were assigned that job. Couldn't even hold his spear without dropping something."

"So after we headed up to the second floor, Katarina met with us. Rather than chase you down, she decided to destroy your room to make you come out. She ordered everyone to tear apart everything in your room, Annie. Luckily once the destruction started I could get away from the group again. I tried to go back to Ahri's room to warn you, but she told me you already left."

"Strange that I didn't see you, given how quickly I left," Annie chimed in.

"I went around the back to avoid getting seen," Alice explained, "Anyway, I tried to rush back to warn you before you reached your room, but...well you can guess what happened."

"What happened?" Dr. Remia wondered.

"I found....my room had been destroyed," Annie responded, "Every little thing I once owned was gone...even Tibbers."
"Tibbers?" She questioned.

"Her bear," Alice explained, "One of the few friends she had left. I personally didn't see who did it, but I can safely assume Katarina was involved with it. She knew how precious he was to her."
"So she killed a...bear?" Dr. Remia asked, "Like...a stuffed bear?"

"He was more than just a stuffed bear," Annie exclaimed as she held her head down, "He was my friend...my guardian...the only thing that looked after me anymore. With him gone, I don't even know what I'll do."

"Don't worry Annie, we'll get Kat for what she did," Alice reassured her, patting her on the back.
"And how do you plan to do that?" Dr. Remia inquired, "Don't forget she's one of the most powerful assassins in Noxus.
"Sure, but we have a plan," Alice remarked, "Still got that rune?"

Annie looked back at Alice with a sorrowful expression, "Um...not really."

"Kat got it back?" Alice exclaimed, "Oh this is not good."

Alice stood up off the bed and started pacing, causing the other two to give each other a look of confusion.

"This is gonna complicate things...now that Kat has the rune, we can't go attack her," Alice noted, "And since she's a professional assassin we can't sneak up on her."

"Well what if we got the rune from Freljord?" Annie suggested, "That way we can be even."
"Yea but you saw what she did without it," Alice explained, "Just imagine when she's at full power."

"Now hold on a minute," Dr. Remia interupted, "Before you go off doing anything, you will need to at least rest. You lost way too much blood to go do anything."

"Oh you know me Sam," Alice remarked, "I can't just sit around 'resting.' Besides, the longer we wait, the more time Kat has to charge the rune up."
"Well what's the worse that could happen if Katarina gets the rune to full power?" Annie questioned.
"Who knows...She could try to take power from Swain, like most Noxians would," Alice explained, "Or she could team up with him and try to take over Demacia or the League. I can't really say."

"Rune or not, the high summoners wouldn't allow Noxus to take over everything," Annie noted.
Alice chuckled slightly, "Oh child, you have yet to see what someone like Kat can actually do without the restrictions on the fields."

"So what should we do now?" Annie asked.
"Well I say, as your doctor, you should just get some rest for now. It is almost midnight after all," Remia ordered

"Fine then," Alice groaned, "But as soon as I wake up we're heading to Freljord."
"Well...I should probably come with ya then," Dr. Remia suggested, "Keep you from getting even more injured."
"Hey, that time was just a flaw," Alice exclaimed as she headed back to her bed, "I didn't even have my shield up."
"Well I'm still coming along. This place gets so depressing sometimes."

Annie stood up off the bed along with Remia.

"Get some sleep at least, you're gonna need your strength to face Kat again." Annie suggested.
"You get some too," Alice responded as she slipped under the covers, which were still blood stained.
"I will don't worry," Annie assured as she and Dr. Remia headed toward the door.