(Suggestion) Add a report button to champion select

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The number of times players run into troll players, especially in placement and low-to-mid elo ranked matches, is easily at an all-time high. It's very annoying for anyone of any skill level, and it makes it hard for the game to get a real fix on the other four players' performance. Additionally, it causes totally innocent players who just care about their score to have to take dodge timers because of someone else's stupidity. This is totally unfair to people who simply want to play the game and see their skill genuinely measured, and there is nothing in place to prevent or punish for this until after the game is already finished.

I suggest that we add a report and/or kick button to the champion select screen, allowing players to single out trolls or bad-attitude players by vote (3-to-1 required for boot), and both report them and force them to take the dodge timer that they deserve. This would help ensure that people get to play the games they want to play, and at the same time punish the RIGHT people for ruining games before they even start.

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It's a good idea, but it's been beaten to DEATH. Imagine, a group of four trolls, going into queue, and just constantly kicking people over and over.

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so in other words if i want to go AP Yi i will be reported because of that because the champion is allowed to go for AP?