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(Semi-Open RP) Kingdoms of Fire and Ruin

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Present Day - Krizar City, the Docks.

Krizar City... A city built by Noxians, to stand against Noxus. The young people of Krizar, living south of their homeland, along the sea, are strong willed, hardened fighters who for the most part live lifes as mercenaries, craftsmen, or fishermen.

Though it is only 8 years old, the city quickly grew and earned the attention of every corner of Valoran. Even the less civil, and ill-liked races, including Minotaurs have taken a liking to its people. Called a "melding pot of races" by Piltover and Demacia, Krizar is the most popular neutral force. Since the forming of its leading force, The Order of Dark Phoenix, Krizar has never known war.

Though rich from their work as mercenaries, and seafaring trade with Ionia, and even Bilgewater, Krizar is modest. They have thus far stuck to their leaders choice to be neutral and live lifes outside the political struggles of the rest of Valoran. Even the League has little jurisdiction, but even so are recognized as a city-state because of their good nature, and respectable life styles.

But, even in he brightest corners of Valoran, their lurks a shadow. That shadow came swiftly from above, massive and dark with molten red eyes, on wings of death.

((http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2561 Lucis Fulkra, Noble of Demcia, and Supporter of Nite Lightshield.

http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2560 Ricca du Surenset, a Krizar soldier of the Black Order, a young prodigy, and formerly a father and husband. His family is murdered, and he then swears bring their murdered to justice, while assisting Claude Norfield.

http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/412)) Lord Delmegar Amaron, Lord of Krizar City ad the Order of Dark Phoenix.

http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/998 Selyse Lupo Amaron, wife of Delmegar, close confidant, and second in command of the Dark Phoenix Order.

http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/993 Agares Loxaerion, Fallen Paladin of Noxus, Delmegar's right hand, closest friend and brother in arms. Sworn protected to House Amaron and its lineage.

http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/897 Barbas Fulsel, the Dark Knight, warrior with no home, no family, no friends. His loyalty is to himself, and those stronger than himself. Currently fighting on behalf of Krizar City.

"Lord Delmegar, leave the ramparts to us!" A captain of the Black Order shouted at Delmega, whos blade was locked against a strange, fishlike creature with humanoid features. The creature was green skinned, with long fins, webbed hands, and wielded a golden trident.

Above them, high above, at least half a dozen winged creatures circled breathing fire on the residential district. He was momentarily distracted and the merman broke their clash, pulled back with his trident and stabbed through his side. The wound was only glancing, yet was nonetheless painful because merman poisoned their weapons with burning chemicals.

Delmegar grunted, clenching his jaw and smacked the three-pronged weapon away with the back of his hand. The mrman had only enough time to hiss, open narrow, squinted eyes, and reach for a dagger in its chest harness before Delmegars shadow blade found a home in its mouth. A fierce thrust entered and exited from the back of its head.

"Nonsense, Rubaka! This is our home, I will not leave!" Delmegar roared. Below them, towards the sea, more and more of these mercreatures and other giant winged beasts were coming in force. A great beast, similar to the drakes above but much, much larger, without wings, was charging the seawall and trying to bring it down. If it did, much of Krizar could be flooded. "Rubaka!"

"Lord?" The captain pointed his sword towards the sea, and a volley of arrows soared up from the ground. Below them a score of merpeople fell, immediately replaced by more.

Delmegar grunted again, clasping his side where he was wounded. "Find Logan, tell him to organize his demolition devices, and to bring his Hex Cannon." He smiled, the sun momentarily made his dark eyes glitter. "Make sure he brings the big guns."

((you do not have to start the story in this fashion, naturally. you may enter it however you choose. but, I insist that if you do enter similar to this, that you scarcely mention dragons, or at least serious details about them. And fighting them should have very little detail. It should be demonstrated just how powerful these beasts will be before you encounter them.

If you do enter in a combat area, you can do so wherever you please, under whatever banner. Merpeople are allies to the dragons, as are other lesser creatures, and even some people. However, as draconian men will at some point make an appearance, they have not yet. So refrain from this. Good luck!))

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((Claude Norfield (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/701)))

Claude had come to Krizar City following leads of a wizard that had once investigated a ruin, but was driven out by demonic creatures. He had come to inquire about the ruin's location hoping to investigate that same ruin and rid himself of the demon Koroza that possessed him. He managed to meet the wizard, and they had discussed a time to meet, much to the wizard's dismay as he would rather not talk about the ruins again, but Claude convinced him otherwise.

Claude now sat at a table by himself near the door, when he heard people scream. He approached the door carefully only for it to be kicked open by a fish person with a trident. The creature took the initiative and thrusted the trident at Claude's center mass. Claude jumped to the side avoiding the trident and drew his revolver aiming for the creature's head. There was a gunshot and the creature fell dead with some gray matter leaking out from the wound. He drew Krieg Bane from the sheath on his back and dashed outside.

The city was under attack; these fish people were attacking the city and indiscriminately killing anything in their way. He saw a group of what the town called the Black Order holding fighting a group of merman nearby and ran to aid the soldiers. By the time he got there the merman numbers had been replenished...that was worrisome to say the least.

Claude smashed into the engagement between the two forces catching a merman through the stomach with his sword. The fallen merman's comrade was an opportunist that stuck Claude in the side of the head with the butt of its trident. This blow was followed up with another that Claude managed to nearly dodge, but a prong pierced through his upper thigh. He let out a grunt of pain, and blind fired a shot from his Last Rites, his revolver. The shot caught the merman in the stomach, and when Claude's vision momentarily cleared he followed it up with another round, this one went through the merman's heart. He pulled the trident out of his thigh with another grunt of pain.

"Don't heal it." He ordered Koroza, regardless of how much the wound burned he did not want it healed. Koroza let out a devious chuckle before replying,

"When have I ever listened to you?" Much to Claude's dismay the wound began to burn less and was already stitching back together. He heard a scream of agony, a young woman, and that must of have been the cost of healing the wound. He would hear her screams in his nightmares, but they would be the clearest while the wound was healing.

Claude stood upright and plunged himself back into the fray trying to drowned out the woman's voice with the death throes of the merman he would slay.

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Institute of War

A purple robed man had his hands out in front of him, inches away floated a simple mask within a small glass box emblazoned with runes. At his sides were two other purple robed figures, their hoods covering their faces as the lot strode down the leagues massive halls. As they passed the busiest section of the building a page rushed past them, stumbling over the robed man magically carrying the mask. The man fell, but caught himself quickly. The box however, plummeted to the ground, and would have shattered if not for the vigil of the men walking with him. For indeed, one of the men now had his hands out magically suspending the glass box in the air. The other, held the bumbling page against the wall with his fist drawn back. The man that fell quickly got up and stopped his guardsmen, but not before giving the page some heated advice. "Be more careful next time." the guardsmen said as he released the page with venom in his voice. With the incident behind them the group quickly made their way to the furthest reaches of the Institute.

Dust, and cobwebs caked the walls announcing that few if any ever came this way. The further the group went the more decrepit the hall became. Their footfalls echoed in the stillness of silence as even sound faded away. Eventually they reached their goal; a black, blank solid stone wall. To the laymen it would seem as a dead end, a hall to nowhere, these people however knew better. Stepping out in front one of the guardsmen recited his portion of the opening spell before retreating, the other quickly doing the same. The effect was instant.

Where once was a blank wall now was a great gate, as the wall from before seemed to dematerialize. Many thousands of runes were etched into the gates surface as they slowly opened with the underlying screams of groaning metal. Dust fell from them as the gate came to rest. The group quickly filtered into the hidden passage beyond, no sooner had they done this did the gate come alive once more, but closing with frightening speed. If one were to be outside again during this, they would only see a blank wall.

Now beyond the gate the group continued onward with the entire chamber filled with an eerie green light. They took a flight of stairs atop a circular platform that had adjoining hallways to their front, left and right. At the center of this crossroads however was a pit and suspended above it was a great cage housing the monstrosity Cho'gath. Upon seeing the summoners Cho'gath taunted them, often remarking how good they would taste. The summoners continued onward going around and to the left of Cho'gath's prison.

Down, down, down the summoners went as the hall they took always descended until even the green light had vanished. Now in utter darkness one of the summoner guardsmen illuminated his hand, casting light upon their descent. Eventually they reached the foot of the stairs and in front of them on a runic platform was a black nexus fragment. Even as light descended upon it, it cast no reflection despite its crystalline nature. The summoners carefully placed the glass box housing the mask in front of the dark shard and took their places for the final, and most difficult part of their job.

The two guardsmen started the ritual, uttering magic invented not to long ago to imprison the entity known as Nocturne. Their magic was directed at the mask contained within the box, and the reaction was immediate. The mask, which was plain, instantly alighted with thin blue markings. It began to shake even when contained within the runic glass. Finally the head summoner joined in to force the imprisonment ritual.

He commanded to the mask. No sooner had he finished did the rune glass shatter. Blue smoke billowed forth from the box as the mask floated to eye level with the summoners. A being formed, staring at the summoners with disdain. "I'll not be held! I'll tear open your minds!" Pandora snarled, pressing against the summoners magical force, but to no avail. With a final surge of magic the snare was complete. Pandora's mask quickly deformed into the same color of smoke and all of that was quickly absorbed by the dark nexus shard. When the three finished their leader pulled up his hood looking much more clam now that the danger was past. Looking at his fellows he quipped "Anyone up for lunch?"

Pandora beat upon the inside of her ethereal confines. "You're lives are forfeit! Let me out, let me out LET ME OUT!" she yelled, pounding the magical barrier within the nexus fragment. A dark windy voice seemed to answer her yells. "You'll never escape; for I've tried." the voice said.

Pandora turned her nebulous body around, shooting a massive wave of energy towards the voice. Before it engulfed the shadowy figure a dark field erupted forth, deflecting the energy around the figure harmlessly. "Its good to see you again Pandora." Nocturne said, chuckling lightly. "Nocturne? So... this is where they kept you!" Pandora said as her smokey body stilled, no longer blowing around as if it was in the wind. "Yes, the infernal summoners trapped me and now you in here for their little games and there is no escape the sooner you learn that the less joy the summoners will get out of our captivity." Nocturne said vehemently. "Typical as always brother you give up too easily." Pandora mocked, with her mask grinning from side to side. "I've already set in motion my escape while you've kicked around in the darkness playing games for these mortals."


The page sighed she had just started working for the league and to that end she had already alienated her superiors. Waving at the robed men as they turned to leave she would find someway to make up for... Then it hit her, a massive presence latching onto her mind like a large meat hook. Her hands went to her head as it felt as if it was being split open. She thought of all the mental defenses they taught her and prepared to enact them. It was too little to late however. The girls eyes instantly dilated,... she was hypnotized.

"Follow those men."
A dark, vaguely female voice commanded.


Keeping exact pace her footfalls fell only when theirs did, hiding her steps in their sound. She followed just as the voice commanded, stopping when the group stood at a dead end. Again the voice rang in their mind "Hold" and like an obedient slave she did just that. She hid behind a column, making sure to stick to the shadows of the long corridor. Spiders crawled all about her, if she was under her own will she would have long ran away screaming. Eventually the magi's exited; the hidden gate swinging open once more. "Enter quickly before it swings shut again and find me!." the voice commanded, yet sounded greatly strained. Again she slipped by the summoners unnoticed, diving beyond the gate before it closed. Her final command remained unfulfilled however, and she quickly searched for her commander.

"You lie... There is no plan, there is no escape. You and I will be eternally trapped here and only during pathetic war games will we have the illusion of freedom and even that is a cruel reminder of what we have lost." Nocturne balked."What you have lost..." Pandora sneered her mask grinning devilishly. "My freedom approaches I can feel it... unlike you brother I plan ahead." "What...?" Nocturne questioned but could not finish as magical energy was being drained from the nexus by an outside mage, more specifically, Pandora's energy. "No!...NO! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE...RELEASE ME!" engulfed in his torment and rage Nocturne charged at the fading form of Pandora, with his blades raised. He swung once, right where her mask was, but no longer. She was gone, He was alone.

Even with her unwilling ally the exodus from Nocturnes confines had sapped much of Pandora's power. She could not maintain her specter form for long. She instead allowed her magic to coalesce into her mask and thus leeching life and mana from the girl. Still in control Pandora had her thrall carry her mask up to the middle chamber, the one containing Cho'gath. Now Pandora came to the single flaw in her plan. How to get out?

She stood at the front of the Terror of the Voids cell, pondering her dilemma when the beast stirred from its slumber. Its foul intellect quickly tore apart the meaty facade Pandora was using. "Who speaks for whom?" Cho'gath said, startling Pandora to no end because of her weakened state.

"I do."
Pandora said turning around. "Do...Do you know a way out of here besides the gate? I sense that you've been here longer then most."

"That I have, that I have. Mhmmmm" said Cho'gath thinking. "There is one other way." it said, barely holding back a laugh as it looked at the pit its cage was suspended from. "I smell the stench of humans all the time coming from it. I can only guess its deep enough to kill anything foolish enough to attempt that escape route though."
With that the terror laughed, turning back to its on devices, no longer interested in Pandora.

She forced her thrall closer to the pit. A foul smell did issue forth from it, a mighty stench of sewage. How deep did it go? Pandora wondered as she forced a leg off the edge. "Curious." she said one last time before dropping off and falling to her thralls death.

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Present Day - In the sky, somewhere above Runeterra


After a small skirmish with Morgana, Fulgriel was weakened. He was flying and looking for a place to rest.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed by. "Must've been my imagination," he said. Within moments, he saw a gigantic shadow with a monstrous shape in the cloud in front of him. It was advancing quickly. "A void creature! I'll just take this one down quickly, and then rest." he said out loud. "Stand down foul beast!" He commanded

He drew his bow and prepared an arrow, aiming it straight at the shadow. The shadow kept advancing towards him, becoming much bigger than he had expected. He fired the arrow with such force that it dissipated the cloud in front of him. The arrow hit the beast and broke.

He saw the beast clearly now, and it resembled nothing Fulgriel had seen before. It had massive wings and a serpentine body. Its teeth mirrored the image guillotines ready for an execution.

It charged at Fulgriel and roared. Its roar thundered the sky and shook the ground. Fulgriel was unfazed. He pulled back on the bowstring and prepared another arrow. This time, there were sparks of lightning around the arrow. The arrow began to glow with white light, and he released it.

The arrow hit the beast's chest dead centre, but shattered like a snowball hitting a stone wall. "The beast's scales are as hard as dense metal! It's imprenetrable!" He exclaimed. Fulgriel knew he could not fight this beast in his current state, so he decided to make a run for it.

But it was too late. There was already a wall of flame advancing towards him from the beast's mouth. Fulgriel swerved right, barely escaping the brunt of the raging inferno that caught his left wing.

He flew as best he could with one wing, diving in and out of clouds, until he lost the creature. His wing was giving out from exhaustion, and he crashed to the ground and fell unconscious. He landed near Krizar City, still unconcious.

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"Gods... If only we had a Phoenix to fight alonside us..." Delmegar said, clearly disgruntled by the sight before him. One of the winged monstrousities above him was terrorizing the City. It's powerful, booming voice created tremor after tremor, collapsing building after building. Even those made of metal and stone were were nothing to its roar.

His dismay was a distraction that was near impossible to overcome, as he shielded his eyes from the sun with his hand, a group of mermen approached. He hadn't heard them, not even a little, and was startled when he felt something pierce his shoulder. The pain made him drop to one knee. As the second trust came he lifted his sword in time to catch the trident, twist his blade and the trident from the mermans grasp and force a daring move. He charged forward, driving a shoulder into the disarmed merman and slit its throat, dragging the first enemy with him.

As he hit the ground, he realized just how bad it was. There were nearly a dozen of the beastial fishmen, each of them eyeing him, and him alone. As more tridents threatened to pin him to the cold, hard rampart - he heard gunfire. Boom! after Boom! and mermen dropping. Their brethren shouted in alien tongues, and another committed to its attack and stabbed downward. He rolled to avoid it, and thankfully only the skin was broken. He swept the feet from the merman, rolled on his back towards the creature and chopped through its chest.

"Delmegar, friend, buddy!" He heard a familiar, and clearly over confident voice boom. As the voice broke, n actual Boom! sounded. Two more of the mermen were swept away in a bright, orange light. "My lord! Get off your back, you blow hard! On your feet, sword in hand, sword through their hearts, I say! Gonna let a yordle show ya up!?" It was Logan the Great, a mastermind of Hextech weaponry, and the creator of some of the finest, most advanced weaponry (particularly of his own ships) the world had ever seen.

He took Logans brief distraction and did just as the dark furred yordle mused. He got to his feet, dove into a throng of mermen and lay them to waste. A quick thrust through ones heart, dodge. A step to his left, spin and cleave down anothers back, deflecting another thrust with his left hand, kicking it and breaking its knee cap, and cleaving through its shoulder to chest as it fell.

"Logan, you little nightmare, get to work!" Delmegar roared, his blade now picking up speed and cutting through enemy left and right. As two more approached from either side, his shadowy blade grew darker and darker, burning violently. The Lord of the Dark Phoenix plunded the blade into the ground - as it penetrated the stone, dark, shadowy spikes broke free of their earthy prison and tore through the mermen. They screamed, sturggled and attempted to flee but in the end, the darkness caught up, and they were nothing but bits of torn flesh and blood.

He grinned at the Yordle who was smacking the cannon attached to his arm. Logan pointed it at Delmegar, waving it this way and that, shouting obscene words. "Logan, don't point that at me!" Logan broke into maniacal, hysterical laughter and pointed up. "Don't worry... It's on cooldown, Lord-" BOOM! The cannon resonateed through the air, illuminating the area even in broad daylight. The blast soared intot he sky and struck one of the winged serpents. "Oh, ****. Boss man?"

The Lord of Amaron looked furious. The winged beast screamed in frustration, changing its flgiht pattern, shaking the cobwebs from it and eyeing the duo below it. Within moments the dark figure became visible. A creature the size of a small house with bright, vibrant purple scales, long golden whiskers on each side of its large, roundish head, and massive golden fins down its back to the tip of its snakelike tail. The wings folded behind its massive, but slender body just before it crashed into the ground on its hindfeet.

"Logan.... the big guns!"

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Claude finished cutting down a merman when he heard a roar like no other, and he shook, "What was that!?" he exclaimed as he looked up only seeing winged creatures filling the sky above.

However he heard a laughter from deep within him, " Oh my..." Koroza said before breaking out into a more maniacal laugh. Whenever Koroza laughed it was never ever a good sign because it meant one simple thing...something horrible was happening.

"What is it Koroza? Why are you laughing now?" Claude inquired to his resident as he knocked aside a merman's trident before riposting. Krieg Bane cut a sizeable gash into the merman's chest, and the merman stumbled backwards before clutching its chest and falling to the ground.

"Nothing you need to be concerned with boy. Just remembering times long long ago." Koroza replied, "By the way...on your left." Claude turned to see a merman charging him with trident raised high. Claude sidestepped the creature and put a bullet into the merman's leg as it passed him forcing the merman to it’s kneel. Claude's blade then cut the merman's head off in one clean cut. Where were the men he was fighting with? He glanced back to see that he had fought his way deep into the merman's lines in an attempt to drown out the woman's voice from the healing wound.

Claude cursed before turning to see a trident hit him in the left shoulder, but more to the merman's surprise it didn't break the skin...rather it felt like he had hit a solid rock. Claude on the other hand took advantage of the creature's surprise and kicked it into a crowd of his friends that were charging Claude. He fired the last two rounds in his revolver's chamber at group before dashing off. He was no fool he could take a lot of punishment, but even he had his limits. He hacked and slashed his way to a nearby alley before turning to face the merman that had followed him.

The first fell to a Claude's blade bursting through its back. There was only a little room to maneuver side to side, but if he could just dodge once then the merman would fall quickly. The next kept its distance, which was smart, and it managed to nick Claude with a tip of the trident before. It was brought to its knees with a quick thrust to the stomach followed by a thrust through the merman's man. The third one was without a doubt the smartest one as it kept its distance with a flurry of attacks forcing Claude further and further into the alley.

Claude at some point considered quickly reloading his revolver and being done with the pesky merman, but then he felt something pierce his back just below his right lung. He coughed but before he could turn to see what had struck him he felt something pierce his stomach. He looked up to see the merman giving a wicked tooth smile, and it removed the trident from his stomach. Then he heard a human laughing behind him, "Thought yerself clever didn't ya?"

Claude didn't reply as he collapsed to the floor blood flowing from the wound. The merman satisfied with the kill ran back the way it came to rejoin its brethren. The human however, was greedy and began to search Claude for loot. That human felt a bone-chilling aura as Claude threw him off, and turned to face the human. Red eyes meet the human's fearful hazel eyes, and Claude picked the man up by his neck slowly choking him. Claude slammed the man against the wall, and the man began to plead for a few moments. However, his pleading for his life was cut short by a loud SNAP , and the man stopped moving.

Claude dropped the body and shook his head before looking at his work. His eyes returned back to their natural golden color. He had let himself go again...dammit! Now was not the time to grieve as he charged back down the alley. The Black Order had made progress and was slowly making their way to the ramparts.

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Several weeks ago

It was a bad day for Hilde.

She was in the wilderness near a frontier fishing village outside Krizar when the first snowfall hit, making the ground slushy, muddy or just downright unpleasant. She was also out hunting for a killer that terrorized the population of said village.

There was also the matter of the paladin being on her back. She was fighting against a giant Lobster Man. The thick carapace creature punched through the ice, and they fought, Hilde unable to draw her weapons. When she tried to, it used its pincers to grab Hilde and squeezed on her hard- then flung her into a rock. She barely drew her sword in time to stop the pincers from crushing her face, her spear having been tossed aside. It took all her strength just to ensure that the creature wouldn’t kill her...

All the villagers could do was watch- save perhaps for one brave young girl that rushed over and picked up Hilde’s telescoping spear, extending it, and hitting the lobster’s back with the mace end. It barely registered, but the creature turned around and struck the girl, sending her flying. This was enough of an opening for Hilde to launch a counter attack, slicing one of the creature’s eye stalks and stabbing into the fleshy, unprotected socket- the creature now blinded, it blindly raged into a big oak, stunning itself. Hilde quickly fetched a nearby chain and anchor, tying the thing to the tree, locking up its limbs. Hilde sits beside the girl who saved her.

It was a bad day, but it ended on a positive note.

The terrified villagers, seeing their tormentor now vulnerable, came out with hammers, wrenches, pipes and sickles- and vindicated themselves, taking the beast apart piece by piece and fed the lobster meat to their animals.

“And to think you came here to deal with... a rat problem...” The girl coughed up blood, a sure sign of severe internal damage. The villagers, sadly, seemed to care little the brave hearted one.

“Do not speak, child. I will bring you to the nearest city to receive aid.” She assured the young lady. Hilde laid her hands on the foolish teen’s torso, and began healing her.

“I’m... just a vagabond here. Don’t know anybody in town... am I... going to die, ma’am?” She was terrified. Of course she was. One didn’t just walk up to a giant lobster man and expect to get away without a scratch.

“No, I do not think so. You will walk again, child.” Hilde said in a hush tone, the cold and the injuries slowly sending Marlena to sleep... She would make her way to Krizar City, the nearest settlement.

Hilde arrived in the city discreetly enough, heading straight to the hospice. Her ability to heal had saved the girl, while placing her in the care of demacian trained physicians. Meanwhile, Hilde headed to the forges to have the creature’s carapace- a token of thanks for the hero- and built it into a shield. The item was not for her use though, as the Paladin’s defence was her mobility. No, it was something she needed to pass on.

Krizar, A few Days Ago

Hilde would eventually discover the girl’s name to be Marlena, an orphaned girl left at the village hall in the previous fishing village. Hilde had encountered many who had the same story, but her stance did not change. She trained the girl in using a shield in battle, and was asked how one could become strong like Hilde.

“There are many ways to become strong. My way is... antiquated.”

“But I wish to, anyway. Are you part of an order?”

“I am. If you are truly willing, I will take you to the place. For now though, I’ll need to teach you how to fight.”

Krizar, the Present

It was shortly before suppertime the city was slowly descending into some kind of chaos. The din of battle and thunder of cannon fire made it clear Krizar was being attacked. Hilde peered outside the tavern they stayed at, as the locals were mobilizing to defend their favourite dive. Trained staff began barricading windows and grabbing ranged weapons, while spears trained on the door in case of enemies. Krizar residents were, to Hilde’s view, rightfully prepared for all out urban combat it seemed.

Visiting mercenaries unwisely left the tavern, their screams meaning that hostile foes had gotten to them.

Hilde equipped herself in her gear, and told Marlena to stay indoors. A quadruped, fish-like lizard creature, led by one of the merefolk, snapped its jaws at the paladin- and launched spines at her. The practitioner of Four Waves reacted immediately, weaving with almost improbably agility before catching- and returning- the last spine, the bony projectile lodging itself into the Snapper Fish’s nose, causing it extreme pain, and running off.

The merefolk drew its sea stone weapon. “Why are you attacking us?” Hilde said, her tongues ability automatically translating to the fish folk.

“...A surface speaks our tongue?!” Completely confounded, the creature lashes out, tossing a net at Hilde. Apparently he wasn’t paying attention to Hilde’s use of Four Waves style, or didn’t know it. She used her spear to catch- and return- the net against him. The creature reacted well enough though, avoiding its own net and slithering off.

Hilde thought deeply about the sea folk coming to attack... Krizar was way too far from Ionia for these to be the servants of the sea spirit Gong Jong. It looked like Hilde would have to go into the city to find out more- and to help with the defense.

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Darkness and water...flowing endlessly downstream. Pandora did not know how long she was floating but she had long ago lost her thrall. She had already absorbed much of its mana and life force before the impact so long ago. Pandora now drifted in the depths of the earth unaware of the passage of time above.

Many weeks later...

Pandora slumbered in this time of inactivity to conserve her power. Without something to feed on she was extremely careful to avoid expending too much. As she slumbered the mask neared a dull roaring sound. It was the sound of falling water. She fell, tumbling through a drainage pipe near the city Krizar, falling into the ocean in sight of the shore. Pandora was delighted to find upon awaking that she could smell tendrils of thought just waiting to be devoured in the city. Pandora inched the mask ashore aware that many hundreds of not-humans where emerging from the water. Pandora found them uninteresting as only one thought passed their minds.

Weakened as she was however Pandora did not mind ensnaring a merfolk that passed by her too closely. With the single mindedness that had seemed to consume these not-humans Pandora was easily able to direct the things thoughts to her benefit. She made it put her mask on and delighted in its screams as she devoured its life force and mind. The merfolks skin aged rapidly and its body lost any definition of being a warrior. Pandora was still attempting to drain the poor creature even as its screams stopped and thoughts ceased. She ensnared many more that emerged from the water some even stopped to help their brethren but they too were quickly charmed and consumed.

Now possessing the strength to move of her own volition Pandora left the carcasses of the merfolk behind forming herself into a blue mist that floated inland towards more interesting prey.

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Krizar City, the Docks

A powerful thrust of the long, barbed tail narrowly missed Delmegar as he dodged, but sent him sprawling across the rapmpart stone regardless. The giant creature loomed overhead, screeching at approaching soldiers of both the White and Black Orders.

While some from the Black order thrust with spears, or ventured to close with axes or spears, others fired upon it with rifles or bows. If any of it had any effect other than aggrivating the great winged serpent, it was not evidet on its body. Yet, as the show raged on - below, near the seawall, another monstrousity was hard at work to tear down the wall.

"Where are the ships?" Delmegar climbed to his feet, shouting at a soldier he had grabbed by the scruff of his collar. He had ordered the navy mobilize over an hour ago, and had yet to hear the roar of any cannons. This meant that either his order never reached the shipyard, or that these mermen were making things difficult.

"Lord, only 2 ships have been fully manned." The soldier grunted as a spine shot passed his head. "These creatures are flooding the docks, fighting tooth and fin to keep us off the warships. Only Regalia and Marketh are beginning their launch!"

The winged beast screamed again, this time bringing up its giant claws and slamming them down on an unfortunate soldier. Pressed under the weight of its forepaw, he squirmed and struggled to get away until a set of razor sharp teeth snapped around his head. Blood sprayed forward, drenching the rampart and fellow soldiers,

"Then get down there and help them! Now! We need everyone to the shipyard, get them in the water and able to fire!" Delmegar shouted, his eyes focused on the dragon whos chest was slowly growing. "....what!" Smoke poured from the creatures nostrils, its gaping maw opens and reveals a bright glow. "Everyone down!" A long stream of fire shot fourth, the raging inferno swallowing whole a group of archers, quickly making its way to neighboring soldiers who fled the very sight of it.

"We should consider fleeing the City., my lord." Delmegars guard said. Logan was hard at work trying to fix his arm cannon, while behind the dragon, towards the sea, more and more mermen flooded the ramparts. A few were riding the four legged beasts, now called "Thren."

A smile spread across the lips of Delmegar, he pointed his sword at the dragon and let out a soft chuckle. The guards eyes went wide, "My--" He started to say before Delmegar quieted him.Soldiers were coming to his side, and mages of the White Order in their traditional chain mail and robes bleached to the color of snow. "Logan, does Krizar fall today? Have you had your fill of grateful woman, flowing cups of booze, endless bags of coin, and constant adventure?"

Logan smacked his arm, it began to humm rather loudly and sparked a couple times. Whe he waved it, a few nervous soldiers backed away with sideways glances at the mad yordle. He suddenly became alert to the fact his Lord was speaking to him, and snapped to a standing straight position. "No, my lord, it seems now! Oh, wait.... oh, yes, I can feel it!" The arm cannon hummed louder and louder, glowing bright white near the barrel. He pointed it at the great beast and grinned, "Ready, and... Here... comes.... the.... BOOM!" A thunderous cheer came from the people of Krizar.

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One hour after crashing - The outskirts of Krizar City

After being unconscious for an hour, Fulgriel woke up. He got up and picked up his bow. His left wing and most of his scars from fighting the winged creature had recovered, thanks to his regeneration from being an angel.

On the horizon, he saw smoke rising from a city. He recognized it as Krizar City, as he had flown past in many times. There were more of those winged creature flying above it, but they were being knocked out by bright flashes and loud explosions. Fulgriel had regained his full strength now, and was sure that he could take down these creatures. He decided to go help the city, and flew towards the city. He pulled out his the 96th Regiment's Horn and blew into it with all breath.

Soon, thirty angels were flying behind him, each with a bow and sword in hand. As they neared the city, fifty more angels joined them, darkening the sky. When they finally reached the city, their number had grown by two hundred. They all assumed a battle formation and charged into one winged beast. Many lost their wings from the flames that spewed forth and fell to the ground. The ones that fell down pulled out their short swords began fighting on the ground against the invading mermen. Angels in groups of 3-5 began sweeping down and firing volleys of arrows onto large groups of mermen. Though many mermen fell, there were always more taking their place. Angels usually heal from most wounds, but the mermen had poisoned their weapons, making it lethal to angels. The angels on the ground dropped quickly from the relentless assault of the mermen, despite the efforts of the air support.

In the air, many of the larger angels charged into melee combat against a winged beast while the more agile ones backed them up with arrows. The angels were no match, for the flaming breath of the creatures were enchanted with an ancient magic which made it lethal to angels. Their claws, also enchanted with ancient magic, tore through angels like a knife through butter. The numbers in the sky began dwindling too. Soon, the only ones left were Fulgriel and five other angels circling one dragon, avoiding the claws and flames. The lesser angels were no match for the beast, and one-by-one they all fell. It was just Fulgriel left. He decided it was now or never, he would have to use his bow's full potential. He drew his bow back fully and began charging an arrow. The arrow grew to an enormous size and began glowing with white light. He kept charging, and the sparks began pulsing out of the arrow. After a few moments, the arrow glowed with light that lit up the entire city. He released the arrow, creating a loud rumble of thunder. The arrow soared through the air and hit a winged beast dead center, knocking it back. The arrow bounced off of the beast's scales down towards a group of mermen and crashed through their ranks.

Fulgriel looked down at his bow which now took the colour of a dulled jewel. It went into its dormant state after it spent all of its energy in such a powerful, but futile shot, as the beast was still alive. His bow could no longer shoot arrows in this state. With no other choice left, Fulgriel landed, drew his short sword, and joined the fray on the ground. Mermen surrounded him almost instantly. He used his sword skillfully, thrusting right and slashing left. He dodged a spear thrust and countered with a sweep, taking out the first line of mermen around him. He cleared through the waved and joined up with some humans fighting back the mermen. He recognized their uniforms as the Order of the Dark Phoenix's. They continued to defend against the unrelenting assault.