Please help me improve my ADC

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Hi recently ive been trying really hard to improve my league of legends skills, on another forum someone suggested that I make LOLreplays & post them on here to get feedback on what I should work on / improve / ect. My league name is POOK and i'm playing as Ashe this is probably the first time I did not go negative with a ADC ! Please give me feedback on what I should improve & work on !
(watch it)

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I wouldn't post this replay.
it's best to find your mistakes in a game where you lost.
Snowballing is much easier than a comeback.
Once you get a lead, usually you will win, and there's no point in watching the game.
And I'm lazy.

Don't even have to watch the game.
One, ashe is better with Cleanse, as she has inferior burst in lane. any decent ADC will buy sustain and you wont be able to get them low, unless you try and burst them down at 6. By that time, opponents with higher burst have whittled down your health, or they're late game ADC with cleanse, and simply cleanse through the combo. I'd even recommend barrier against bursty ADC. (Ez, corki, graves)
Don't get blade of the ruined king on Ashe. Get a blood thirster, makes her crits hit harder, lifesteals better ,and you don't need the active to catch up to people.