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Tips and Tricks For Beginner and Intermediate Players

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vVv iAmWaKai

Junior Member


This started off as a tips & tricks for mid, but I had more to say then just mids, so this will be a elongated version! yay!

Everyone should know of these tips and tricks as they're what win, or loose you the lane. These tricks are not match up specific, you should be able put them in memory fairly quickly if you constantly remind yourself of them.

Let's get started with mids:


1)A big problem with annivia is landing your e when using your ult as it's hard to coordinate while on the move as well as using a lot of mana.
A fun and extremely mana effective way to land your e in coordination with your ult is to lead with your e, when your e goes off, hit your ult, the opposing champion will get slightly caught by it. There for your e does double the damage and you've saved mana.

2) You can increase the damage of your q by letting it fly over the target then shattering, this will include the movement damage + the shatter damage. Useful for clearing minions and a good practice when playing against champions

Ap TF:

1) You can get fairly early kills with tf, if you land enough wild cards and the enemy mid has 2-3 bars of health you can kill them. Make sure your e is active for the extra damage, pick a stun card, flash, ignite, q. No other champion can survive this burst neither trade with it. This makes it crucial for you to be landing your q's in lane, as you want to be snow balling early when playing tf!

2)Before team fights, try poking the enemy and stay back. When the initiation happens, ult, wait for everyone to blow their ability's, ult behind the squishys, creating a sandwitch between you and the bruiser. Basically you should be using the second stage of your ult .5 seconds after initiation.

3) Its good practice to pick a blue card first then q as you can either blue and q a minion or champ. Just a more reliable way to combo.


1)Her shield does damage as well, you should aim behind the champion if you're going to trade as it gives you extra damage

2) I call it the archon toilet. When a champion such as malphite or amumu initiates, shield them. When they get in range of your enemy, ult. This causes 3 things: entertainment, brings the tanks back, while moving the carries forward, and you're at a safe distance. The second is the most important as now the carry's and tanks are out of position and it's basically a team figth won. Of course this is a best case scenario, but is a reliant way to use your ult.

Ahri: Arguably my most favorite champion! charmed much?

1) At level 2 of your q, you can clear the caster minions in 2 swipes, so if you're playing against a champ with no early aoe, focus on pushing!

2) general rule of thumb, whenever you use your q e combo, always move backwards(unless chasing). This removes the ability of the enemy to trade with you and the muscle memory helps when kiting.

3)Ahri's ult has to many scenarios to explain and comes down to personal preference. But the best advice I can give you is to be creative and be on the edge. Finding the sweet spot for your ult makes Ahri devastating as being just out of range of a turret but still dishing out your damage can make the difference between a kill or a death.

Mid in General
1) You can force the other player into the opposing bush, by circling around them by the left or right side so that your jungler has a easier time ganking. (only do this if the jungle is waiting in the bush for the gank)


1) if you don't use smart cast, you'll automatically do poorly as ryze, so make sure you learn how. (smart cast can be found in the key bindings section of the ingame menu.)

2) To poke with him in lane is q-w-q

3) During team fights the combo should be, q-ult-q-w-q-e-q-q-w-q-e... etc

4) If you`re being chased, always be kiting, so, click-ability-click-ability etc...


1) you can ward the enemy's blue and ult steal

2) When doing your q-e combo, make sure you get a auto attack in between them. This basically comes down to : q-e(not triggered yet)-auto attack-trigger e- auto attack.

Good ganking times are:

1)After you kill the opposing mid
2)Pushed to their tower
3) You don't need your ult to gank! Usually just the cc is enough for the kill!

When the other Mid goes to gank:

1)Push there tower and destroy it IF you know you can
2) follow the mid
3) gank another lane


VS Leona:

1)You can pull leona into turrets. Wait for her to leash her sword on you, during the animation use your escape(preferably a ability like trist or ez). This can be a fun and effective way to gain a kill


1)Keep in mind that you can head butt people over walls, in some cases it benefits your team to do that, either getting the tank or carry out of position. For example: The ledge between blue and water, bump them over the wall into your adc and support or bump them over the wall to get them away from you.

2) When ganking, never come from water, use the enemy jungle to get behind then so that you can head butt them into your allys and remove any possibility of escape.

1) when warding, your cursor goes green if it's floating over a bush.

2) when in mid lane, you can ward over both walls, you have to be right next to the high wall in order to reach.

1) If there are minions blocking your bandage toss, you can flash ult on to them and use your bandage toss to clean up.

Jungling in General
1) When looking for ganks, be patient, wait in the bush for a opportunity to present itself or coordinate with your teammate to force the opponent to over extend.
2) With fast clearing junglers like udyr or skarner, you can take your blue without smite with the extra help of your teammates.(tell them what you`re doing so that they help you more). Then rush over to there red. You should be able to get it in time even if the opposing jungler does not gank.

This was orginally a blog post (http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/blog/277/entry-5664-lol-tips-and-tricks-for-beginners-and-experienced/), if you enjoyed this you can follow my blog here (http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/blog/277-vvv-wakais-musings/).

If you guys have anything to add, post them here and I`ll keep this updated!

Every little thing counts!
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Reddit post :http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/13vk9b/tips_and_tricks_for_beginner_and_intermediate/