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[CHALLENGE] Write a particular Lux/Leona fanfic

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Ark Angel HFB

Senior Member


The concept of lux getting in hot water with her Demacia isn't a bad one... But I'm not sure i see garen's character as one that would turn on his sister without her doing something truly wrong. then on top of that you have to bring Leona into this.

that isn't that hard as Leona by nature wants to protect others... but I think that the reason for her protecting lux would need to be set up in advance, and Lux would need to be weakened some how because she is pretty much a badass in her own right...

So for this tory to work i think there are some hopes to jump through...
A: Lux needs to be weakened or have some problems with her powers.
B: Lux needs to consider Leona a freind before the **** goes down.
C: Lux will ether need to do something actually wrong, or have everyone think she did without her being able to prove she didn't. it would have to be really wrong... like maybe regicide or hericide.
D: There would need to be a political eliment to it. and a bad guy... driving the miss understanding.

and when you look at all of that don't we have something like that going on in "The Only Truth" where eventually lux has been stripped of championship and her power cut off...

now if you took a similar set up, and then let a rumor slip to the common people that she had become a triator... get a little mob mentality behind the actions and a good riot and you could probably have lux flee from Demacia or at least needed help. have Leona vistiting for diplomatic reason at the time and you have a start...

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Good points, Ark.

What about if, say, Lux's parents were trying to put her into an arranged marriage for political reasons, but she absolutely hates the groom? It'd make some more sense, IMO; Lux could be furious at her parents for "selling [her] off again" like what they did in giving her to the Demacian military. She then flees Demacia to avoid being forced into marriage, but unfortunately for her, Garen is siding with getting her married.

Leona intervenes, feeling that no one should ever be forced to marry someone they do not love, and also that Lux, as a friend, should not have to endure such a fate. One thing leads to another, and eventually the League is called in at the behest of Lux's parents and the groom's family: if Lux wants to get out of the marriage, she has to fight for her freedom. If she loses, she has to come back home and get married.

The above could be used as an alternative if "Lux commits a crime" doesn't pan out. Basically, I'm looking for something that would cause Lux to be in trouble and said trouble would cause her to seek out Leona's protection.

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I've changed the idea to be that Lux is being forced into an arranged marriage. Makes more sense, IMO.