Galio can rap, but can he fight?

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Master Fledgling



Yes, that is a reference to 'This is War'. If you haven't watched it yet, go watch it!!


Galio has been one of my favorite champs for awhile for a variety of reasons that aren't his play style -- his lore is adorable, he is one of the few 'good' guys through and through in the league, his voice is nice to hear (Which is big -- try listening to Blitzcrank or Veigar for 40 minutes. Ugh.)

But, despite him being so cool in all of those, League is a game mainly about fighting. Who woulda thunk it.

So, Where is he good, and IS he any good? His price is steep, and my friends discourage me saving up for him, which is understandable is he's not that grand.

However, I don't give up that easily! He seems viable in Midlane, Bottom as a Support and even as a Jungler, allowing him to wander to mage-heavy lanes and shut them down hard.

Please let me know what your experiences with him have been, either playing with or against him, and whether or not I ought to start stocking my piggy bank for a purchase.

Many thanks,