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Game Republik 5v5 LAN Tournament

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5-person team with optional substitute.
Double elimination
Teams must be registered 1 day prior to tournament.
Start time TBA.
All players must be present on location.
Game Republik in Austin at 3915 Guadalupe next to Valero 512.459.2244
2 matches played at a time
USB and 3.5 jack extenders for quick swap of keyboard/mouse/headsets
live casting playing on TV and at least 1 projector
http://www.twitch.tv/gamerepublik stream
http://gamerepublik.net/lol/tournaments.php brackets
Teams will promote one player to be team captain for all concerns and issues during play.
$100 for a 5-player team ($20 per player on team and an additional $20 for substitute)
$25 for single person without team
75% of entry fee goes to cash for top 3 teams
Riot Points for top 4 teams if 10 team minimum is met
The fallowing is only if 16 teams are met:
$200 per player for top team of credit towards a new gaming desktop, or current PC upgrade if 10 teams or more participate
Free 3 hour pass for each player $10 value
With 16 teams that means in total there will be about $3,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs.
Team registration should follow as:
Real Name, Summoner Name, Team Name, Primary contact number and email.

For registration and questions, contact:
Game Republik staff at 459.2244 or
Jonas DeAnda (903)915-9400 or [email]jonas@gamerepublik.net[/email]

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We have Riot support!