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Proper Kennen Top-Lane setup?

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So I'm enjoying Kennen a lot after i purchased him, But ive read different guides and they all state different things.

For instance

Spell vamp quints & magic pen marks on one with 9/10/11 runes

and on another

AD marks and quints & 21/9/0 masteries

Also items are different, Some build revolver first, then another builds an hourglass first and doesn't bother with a revolver.

Then some others build all the way into a WoA.

What do you guys think is really best for ranked play? I want to start maining Kennen for ranked (unless a good counterpick opportunity comes) But till then, I want to know the best way you guys think to go with Kennen Solo Top?

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Masteries and runes, are mostly personal choice. I run 21/9/0 when i go top.

Revolver gives you a good bit of sustain; Hourglass means you can jump into the middle of a group, and ult.

Builds are a situational thing, so get a feel for kennen, and see what you like most.