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How do you handle a 4 tank team?

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Junior Member


Bloodrazors are not a good idea.

They are only worth it against HP stacking tanks, and you should have no problems with them anyway.

Remember that bloodrazors deal magic damage, thus reduced by MR, ┬┐And you know what? Tanks usually have a lot of MR..

Last Wisper > Bloodrazors by far. You need armor pen, not bloodrazors.

^ Agree.

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Senior Member


Get a pure DPS melee sion in there > Life steal for your whole team woot

ok, enough jokes, time for serious response.

For a 4 tank team, the best way is to get lifesteal and armor pen.

Bloodrazor won't do much if majority of them are armor based tank. (meaning armor/MR)

I would say, for DPS, get last whisper, bloodthirstier, inf edge for DPS with high crit or crit damage (ashe, trydemere etc) blood cleaver for the rest.

I think this is the most common way to deal with tank.

I will leave more resourceful strategy response to the pros.