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opinion on my kayle build requested

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First let me say I am a casual league player. I play it with friends and because it is fun and I enjoy the amount of strategy that is involved to play it well. This being said I know that any build is dependent on the game however I am curious to get others opinion on a build I have been working with on Kayle (my current overall favorite champ).

I decided I wanted to make a build that would suit her best in 3v3 as most guides you find will be for 5v5. With this in mind I wanted to take into consideration the differences of 3v3 and how it might change the progression of the game.


-The games are generally shorter meaning a focus on a strong early game can often lead to an easy fast victory.

-Gold, items like TF are great but cost way too much gold to build, especially at the start of the match.

-Phases of the game are more loosely defined because of smaller map. Some games are team fight after team fight from the start.

-The most enemies you will encounter is 3 so building for more burst and offence is stronger for Kayle then defense since she has defense built in and has her R.

-Having a dedicated support in 3v3 can make you sacrifice a lot of offensive potential so being hybrid allows you to fill certain support roles with your W and R.

The build: Xeno's AP AS On Hit Hybrid

Take Q with first point but focus on maxing E.

Start with boots + amplifying tomb + pot


Malady - Cheap and strong early game item. It stacks well with Kayle's passive and gives quite a kick to your Q and E early game.

Finish Boots - Take either Berserker's if your team is taking an early lead or Mercury's or Ninja's if you are in need of some defense. I also don't think that Sorcerer's would be bad but with Malady and your passive it seems like more benefit from AS on zerkers.

At this point you have to decide what is most needed based on enemy team comp.

Need Damage: Nashor's Tooth- Amazing item on Kayle, if you can sacrifice missing out on the defense this item gives you huge damage potential. At this point your attack speed is through the roof and opening with Q into E will generally make for a bad day for whoever you are attacking.

Need MR: Wit's End- Gives AS and MR and adds a considerable amount of damage at this point due to passive stacking with AS.

Need Health: Haunting Guise- Will make into Blackfire Torch but will generally finish the build after making Nashor's Tooth. I am curious exactly how Blackfire Torch's passive works with E though and if it should be an earlier priority.

After this I find a Hextech Sweeper to be a good option and also think that Wooglet's Witchcap is great against heavy AD teams, especially if you are carrying already.

Anyways I just wanted to get some other player's opinion of this build style. I know it is different then the classic AD carry Kayle but it allows for a stronger early game and being AP lets you preform many of the needed support roles without having to have a pure support for 3v3.


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I played Kayle for 2 days straight. She was fun as hell. I went with a full ****** build/strat and it worked great somehow. Full AS runes, if I remember it gives you something like 38% AS. 30/0/0 masteries. Surge/Flash as summoners. For awhile there I had not a single loss on my match history when I was playing her.

My build was similar to yours Malady/BFT/Nashor's Tooth after those three it was dependent on what I needed or what the team needed. So either wits end, ruined blade, wota, cap. End game I was a glass cannon but with my ult and her splash AOE I was guaranteed at least one kill with leaving the rest below 50% if they jumped on me first. If they didn't it was a guaranteed win.

She farms like a beast, a game or two I noticed I was at 200 CS before anybody else was hitting triple digits. And at lvl 1 with surge I found invading with a point in E would kill anyone if they couldn't get away from me within seconds. I face checked the top bush at the start and somehow the enemy got there before me. I was stunned by renek right off the bat. I went in to full panic mode popped my surge and e and went to town. I got first blood before dying and left the other two at ~30%. Team showed up shortly after and picked up the other two. So many "wtf" "omg" "OP" comments in chat.

Downside to her is all of the people that make assumptions in champ select. I was constantly told that Kayle is a horrible pick and surge was for noobs. Which to be honest I would have probably said the same if it were not for me actually playing it.

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Your build is alright but there's a few things I'd tweak:

finish boots before malady: it will help you more in terms of early game pressure and the first 2-3 altar secures

Go BFT after the Malady: At that point in the game, unless your team is beast at peeling for you, you'll always want the extra tankiness, and the BFT triggers AoE % damage DoTs on your E which makes it nuts and gives you that early to mid game hard-carry you're looking for (Alternatives are largely inferior due to your low AP ratios on E)

Consider Ionic Spark over Wit's End as a third item depending on what your opponent's have in terms of resistances. If they have low MR, the Ionic spark will be an overall stronger buy.

Go CDR Glpyhs to eliminate the necessity for the Nashor's buy: Due the profusion of AS already in your build the Nashor's is relatively gold inefficient.

If I were building Kayle in your style I'd go:

Boots Amp > Serk Greaves > Malady > Guise > BFT > Ionic/Wit's (Go Ionic unless they're on the heavy side of MR > Abyssal/Wooglets (if AD/AP heavy opponent's if neutral always pick the Wooglet's, your E's range means you'll likely not be zoned into abyssal range)

AS Marks, Armor Seals, Flat CDR Glyphs, Flat AP or Flat Mpen Quints



Hope I helped,
CnD Ânders

PS: @Bobinatorlol : I have her as a Tier 1 ADC for 3v3 ... she's really underappreciated