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Problems with game D: Soori.

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Junior Member


These are the problems in this game that I've encountered during my sessions D:

Cho'Gath, maybe just a "little" too much HP..? Iunno, just a "little"?

Twitch, maybe just a "little" too much attack speed that even his lack of HP can't replace it..? Iunno, just a "little"?


Store, maybe just a bit angry cause heroes have DIFFERENT price ranges..?


Why would thou create price ranges ?

Is it because it's "Better"?


Some heroes maybe just a "little" rigged..? Iunno, just a "little"?

But some are perfectly fine, and all depends on how the player plays, yet the heroes have different cost ranges?

Proving that the more "expensive" heroes must have something that some don't, huh.

Thats incorrect.

What Riot failed to realize that it's wrong to cap some heroes at such high costs, as this disables the players range of hero choice. Not only that, some people who started off loving this "certain hero" just lost it because now he has to earn 100102512351 Influence Points JUST to finally PLAY HAPPY.

Isn't that what you want Riot? For players to PLAY HAPPY?

Is it this "different price range" trying to enforce players to buy RP to substitute for something they can't obtain fast?


Gotta think about that one.

I understand that some players will disagree with me, however

This is my opinion.

I'm just trying to say what I want to say


Just write below

Explain why, so I can come back and be smexi about it ;3

P.S: Dear RiotGames,

What to make money? Make merchandise of the cute and cuddly champion of LoL, Teemo ! Something like a Plushie

Or a Plushie.

Cause I like Plushies.

Got a Problem with that?! WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?!

I like Plushies So I can cut a hole and use it to jack of-

I mean...

So I can hug it everyday when I sleep <3

Also, try to survey people about what they like I guarantee that if you can't sustain the cost of this game from the Riot Point system, you can get some off of merchandise :DD

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Senior Member


I like the idea of the plushies...

"Today is your chance to own the Annie, the cute and adorable Pyromaniac. She comes with Tibbers, her adorable Shadow Bear from the far off Voodoo Lands. She also comes with a recording of her most popular comments such as 'Have you seen my bear Tibbers?' and who could forget the classic 'Don't make me hurt you'. But her most notable addition is the ability to shoot large mana-infused Fireballs to disintigrate your enemies, all at the flick of her hand."

or some kind of Rockem Sockem Robots, featuring Blitzcrank?

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This must be what it's like to not have a train of thought, but rather to have all your thoughts take different bus routes that don't necessarily meet at the same destination.

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They see me trollin' they hatin'...