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Treeline Bots vs People

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So a level 6 joins my bot game, just wanted to play a quick one on break . . . . . and he proceeds to feed, feed, feed, feed, afk, feed, leave, rejoin, feed, feed, afk, leave, rejoin, feed, feed, etc. then finally quits.

I was playing around with a new build, and the other player was high 20's. So it was a loss. No big deal.

But when the Level 6 guy quit, at no point did a bot leave. I thought bots were supposed to dis-engage if a player quits? They do on Rift, but not on Treeline? Since they have infinite reflexes, it can be tricky when the bots you are against also have tons of CC. We might have actually won, and have been able to test the build fully.

So, officially, on Twisted Treeline, when a player quits vs bots, does a bot also quit? Was this a bug? Or "working as intended"?