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[Champion concept] [Magnet Themed champion]

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Hey guys, I was thinking of a concept that fills an Archetype that Riot hasn't filled in yet, and I thought a Magnet themed champion would be cool.

This Magnet themed champion will be wielding a magnet.

Anyway, I was thinking of a ult that could be taken at level 1, kind of like Jayce and Nidalee.

R: Passive: [Magnet-champion]'s autoattack cause the target champion to by either positively charged or negatively Charged. Positively charged champions do X% reduced damage to [Magnet-champion] and Negatively charged champions take X% more damage from [Magnet-champion].

R: Active: [3-7 second cooldown] [Magnet-champion] spins his weapon, dealing damage to all nearby surrounding enemies. This will cause his autoattacks to apply the opposite charge on his enemies than it previously was adding.

(If this is unclear, when he spins his weapon, he changes the on hit effect from positive charge to negative charge)

The rest of his kit would then be based off this charge.

Q: [Medium to low cooldown harass spell that collides with minions][1000 range or so]: [Magnet-champion] Hurls a magnet in the target area, dealing damage to them and applies his charge. (Will allow for W-Q as a gap-closer)

W [Fairly long cooldown targeted ability]: This ability can only be used on "Charged" enemies. If the target is negatively charged, [Magnet-champion] pulls himself and the target toghether, while if the target is positively charged, [Magnet-champion] repels himself away from the enemy and the enemy from him.

Anyway, I think his kit-so-far is unique in the sense that it combines old mechanics without making anything overly complicated, and I see no areas which can create "toxic" or "anti-fun" cases. This also fits into the theme of magnetism, which is an unused Archetype.

E and passive: Not sure what to put in here, but likely some form of crowd control and steroid. Maybe you can help me out a bit? I'm open for suggestions.

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Solomid 4 me plz



Thats actually pretty neat

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Bam. Done.
Two months ago.