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bring back old TT

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Junior Member


Dear rioters,
I was watching an old champion spotlight (alkali) there I seen the old TT map,
for the benefit of the public and the three million users in the game, may I please ask
for the old TT back, No disrespect to any other person who admires the new map,
but could you let it be an option to the public ? if they wanna keep both or if they
only want one? no disrespect to anybody though , th old twisted tree line was a perfect map, the new map has slick designs and would be wonderful as a second map but some people love the quality of the old TT, I've been playing league of legends for two Yeas now and without it it feels like there's something missing, something that needs to be put back in place so please riot , can you take this into consideration ? thank you guys for your time

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Alpha Q23

Senior Member


We have tried, Riot doesn't like to listen. Or when they do listen, they decide they want to go over the top of what the player base for a most wanted. We wanted a few things changed. They gave a whole new map (nice), But replaced the old map with it(not nice).

I agree with you, I spent the majority of my time here and now like a lost dog, where to go. Who knows maybe that good ol TT light will light up again. Maybe.........(this is the point where a disney song starts, but since its the internet/computer and I'm not a good singer anyways, Ill just let you imagine the lyrics.)