Lucian's Last Light

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This is my first real attempt at fanfic, so please read if you like and give me some feedback! :3

Chapter 1

Night reigned over the forests just outside of Demacia, the moon glowing overhead, casting eerie shadows over the land. The air was still, unbroken by even the rustling of leaves. A sharp cry echoed from tree to tree, interrupting the silence. A ghoulish creature tore its way through the forest on all fours in a frantic hurry, tearing up the ground below it with sharp claws. It ran not in a rampage, but in fear. It wove between trees, made sudden turns, anything it could do to throw off its pursuers.

The ghoul ran blindly, glancing over its shoulders with its black beady eyes to see if it was still being followed. It saw nothing. When its gaze returned back to what was in front of it, the ghoul saw that it had run into an open grass field, surrounded by trees. Its head tossed back and forth in a panic; it could not pierce the dark veil of the tree line with its vision.

“What’s wrong? Afraid of the dark?” came a deep voice from beyond the trees.

The ghoul spun to face the source of the question, only to be confronted with emptiness. It bared sharp fangs, growling. “Come out! You dare fight from the darkness, cowards?!”

A twig snapped from behind the beast, and it quickly spun, swinging a paw ferociously as it snarled in frustration. A light skinned girl backstepped, her movement as fluid as an ocean current. She glared at the monster with bright green eyes that reflected the moon’s light. Her fiery red hair swayed in the light breeze. She wore a tight black jumpsuit, with a strange white, stone-like item strapped at her right hip.

“This one’s jumpy,” She smirked. She relaxed, putting most of her weight on one leg. Her left arm hung loosely, while her right hand rested cautiously on the white object. “Poor thing looks scared.”

The ghoul was aghast! Mere humans had been his stalkers! This time, the ghoul was the one to smile. “You think me to be afraid of something as petty as you?” the ghoul growled. It paced around the woman in slow circles, evaluating her, waiting to catch her off guard. “You’re all the same: weak.”

A lone figure emerged from the nearby tree line, dressed in the same black outfit, but he donned an additional grey half-coat. This human was of a darker composure, and he had a similar white rectangular object strapped to his hip as well. “Come on, man, let’s not get my old lady mad. You don’t have to go home with her after all this and hear about it.”

The ghoul glanced at both of the humans, unsure of which to take care of first. The man pointed a finger at the female, laughing lightly.

“She’s the one you should be worried about, buddy.”

So it was settled then. The monster faced the woman, crouching down on all fours in preparation to pounce. The woman responded, lowering herself into a fighting stance. Her left arm hung in front of her, tense, and her right hovered just above the black handle attached to her white weapon.

“You gonna make the first move? I’d hate to put a good dog down for no reason,” she hissed, taunting the ghoul.

They both held their positions for a few seconds longer, until the ghoul took action. It propelled itself through the air, straight for the woman, snarling and clawing. The red-headed girl took a quick step forward, drawing her weapon. Her knees buckled and she slid under the path of the beast, weapon aimed straight for its underbelly. A single flash of light emitted from the end of white weapon, piercing the dark and the beast. Her slide came to a stop and the ghoul came crashing to the ground, tumbling to a halt in a cloud of dust.

The man casually walked over to the girl and offered her his gloved hand. “I think we’re tied now, Senna,” he teased, smiling. Senna took his hand and he helped her to her feet, and then brushed the dust off of her clothes.

“Dream on, Luccie,” she teased back, giving Lucian a light punch on his shoulder. She picked her gun up off the ground and wiped it clean with her glove. Senna began walking towards their camp as she holstered her gun. “Maybe one day you’ll be as good as me one day,” she said slyly to Lucian, winking at him from over her shoulder.

Lucian just gazed at her, grinning broadly. “I sure know how to pick ‘em,” he chuckled as he jogged to catch up with her.

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Not bad, just one issue. In the paragraph before the last sentence, you had Senna say "One day" AAt the beginning and end of her sentence.

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Chapter 2

Lucian exited the dark forest and into the small clearing that he and Senna had set up camp in. It was nothing grand, just a single canvas tent, a few cloth bags containing their possessions, and a small campfire that burned dimly.

Senna sat on the ground, her knees pulled up to her chest, arms wrapped around them. Shadows from the flickering flames danced on her pale face. Lucian quietly walked behind her, and bent down, resting his hands on her shoulders.

“You did great tonight.” He flashed a smile as Senna tilted her head to look up at him, returning the smile. She returned to gazing blankly at the fire, sighing quietly. Lucian’s brow furrowed. He moved to the other side of the fire and sat down, facing Senna. “What’s wrong?”

Senna broke from her trance, giving Lucian a weak grin. “Nothing,” she answered.

Lucian wasn’t convinced. He leaned forward slightly, making sure to keep eye contact. “You know, you never were a good liar. Glad to see nothing’s changed.” Lucian knew her better than he knew himself. Spend enough time with someone, and you can look through them like a window.

“It’s just…I’ve been thinking.” Senna’s eyes wandered off into the distance. It was still night outside, and plenty dark. She bit her lip softly in nervousness.

Lucian looked at her curiously. “About what, hun?”

It was a few seconds before an answer came. “Just…how much longer are we going to do this?” Senna looked at Lucian as if he held all the answers. Her question took him by shock; he wasn’t quite sure what to say.

“How much longer are we gonna do what?” He knew exactly what she was talking about, he just wanted to hear her say it, to confirm what he was thinking.

Senna rolled her eyes at him, her green orbs reflecting the fire like mirrors. “Don’t play dumb with me, Lucci, you know exactly what I mean. How long are we going to run around Runeterra shooting up ghosts, ghouls and demons?”

A nervous laugh escape Lucian. “Well, I hadn’t really thought that far ahead.” They’d been hunting the undead for years now. Thick and thin, high and low, Senna and Lucian went through it all, and they went through it together. He couldn’t imagine them doing anything other than what they did currently.

Senna’s eyes narrowed, a scowl taking over her face. “You haven’t thought about starting a family? Settling down? Do you want to die an old, decrepit man with nothing to show for your life but stories?” Her expression softened. “I’m sorry. Spend all this time out in the woods and it gets a girl thinkin’, you know?”

She had a point in all her ranting. Their little superheroes of justice act couldn’t go on forever. Lucian got to his feet and walked by Senna’s side. “We’ll get there eventually, but right now, we have to do what we can to rid our world of those supernatural creeps. We have to keep our promise.” He looked down at her, and she looked up at him. Lucian remembered what had attracted him to Senna back in the day: Fiery spirit, flaring personality, and an adventurous attitude, who could resist falling for a girl like that?

The moon still stood high in the sky, shining over the world like a gatekeeper. There were still hours before sunset, before the couple would have to move on to solve the next supernatural mystery.

“Come on, let’s get some sleep!” Lucian threw his arms around Senna, lifting her off the ground, and carried her to the tent. The two laughed hysterically as they prepared for bed, enjoying the break in action while it lasted. A big day loomed ahead of them.