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Tribunal problems

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I have been banned for 7 days for something that i feel is not punishable for 7 days, but that's just me. I'm looking for some input as to whether you believe "lashing back out" at someone for trolling you first is punishable?

Player A harasses Player B.
Player B in turn, retorts. The situation escalates to both players saying some really nasty stuff that is definitely punishable.

But should player B really be held responsible for this? You may say, "oh well there is the mute button there for a reason" but the tribunal FAQ specifically says that they want it to be an enjoyable atmosphere without the need of the mute button.

Take a look at this. I agree that I definitely should be punished, but a week long suspension for this is ridiculous. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/tribunal/en/case/5980948/#nogo

Game 1: trolled by a teemo in lobby, cursing and telling us all he was going to mute us. On everyone's nerves.
Game 2: Back and forth between a shyv and i, i feel we are both at wrong.
Game 3: reported by the other team, and i said 3 things in all chat?????
Game 4: A vlad who trolled me the ENTIRE game, taking my jungle WHILE i was at the camps. Would not listen to anyone on the team, after us pinging im multiple times to take turret.
Game 5: instigated by a diana calling me bad

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Senior Member


I'll give it to you that the 3rd match should not have even reached the tribunal. That was silly.

But this could be some of a hint as to why you received 7 days -

Shyvana [00:22:13] not to rage at you vlad
Shyvana [00:22:17] cause i got banned for 3 days

Someone didn't learn their lesson.

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exhaust instead of smite or what

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Junior Member


omg...only 7 days?
Give him a life time ban