[Champion Concept] Ohp'emm - The Emperor

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I'm going to make it real simple because I don't post these ideas here for feedback or whatnot its mostly idea storage.

Ohp'em - The Emperor


Range: Melee
Health: Moderate
Health Regen: High
Energy: 200
Energy Regen: 10 per second
Damage: Moderate
Movement: Moderate
Armor: High
Magic Resist: 30


Will of the Dead [Passive] - permanently gain 1 attack damage and 10 health per kill, assist, or every 30 minion kills, up to a maximum of (current level + 2) attack damage and (10x current level + 20) health.

The souls of the dead aid the Emperor in combat.

Flourish [Q] - After a 0.8 second channel, strike all targets within 650 units directly in front, behind, and on either side of your character in 80 unit wide lines, dealing 40/88/140/188/240 + (120% of bonus attack damage) physical damage. During the channel, Ohp'emm takes only 50/42/35/28/20% damage from all ranged attacks, but not spells or abilities.

70/65/60/55/50 Energy. 14/13/12/11/10 second cooldown.

Martial prowess was prized in the time of the emperors. All were trained in melee and, due to their importance and title, how to deflect projectiles.

[W] - Shoots a hook in one of two directions. If the grapple collides with a wall, Ohp'emm swings forward or backward 400 units and deals 60/100/140/180/220 physical to any enemies he collides with as well as knocking them aside for 0.3 seconds. If the grapple hits an enemy, the same effect happens but the enemy is also swung, in the opposite direction Ohp'emm swings, for 400 units and can collide with his/her allies.

70 Energy. 31/28/25/22/19 second cooldown. 950 projectile speed. Can only be cast at 45 degree angles to the left and right of where Ohp'emm is facing.

A since lost technique, using the environment to swiftly close the distance to one's enemies was a practice known by all of the Emperor's guards, as well as himself.

[E] - For 3.5 seconds Ohp'emm reduces all damage taken by 3/6/9/12/15 + (11% of attack damage) + (7% of ability power). If the damage reduced exceeds 50/100/150/200/250 he deals that amount + (11% of attack damage) in a 500 radius around him as magic damage.

50 Energy. 10 second cooldown. Instant Cast.

Locked away for an unknown number of years, Ohp'emm is not willing to give in.

Bane of the Fallen [R] - For 8 seconds in a 900 radius circle around Ohp'emm, 30/40/50% + (1% for every 32 bonus attack damage) + (1% for every 370 bonus health) of all the damage that he takes before mitigation is split between all visible enemies in the circle as magic damage. Any enemy champions that die in this circle increase the damage other enemy champions take from this ability by 25% and extend the duration by 1 second.

100/90/80 Energy. 150 second cooldown. Instant cast.

A veteran of many wars throughout his conquest of Valoran, the Emperor is aided by those who die in his wake, increasing his power and causing retribution to his attackers through the same magic that brought him back from the dead.


Once the ruler of nearly all Valoran, he was the most powerful man in Runeterra. His influence was felt in every home and his strength unmatched by any foe. Respected by all of his enemies, he conquered the continent bit by bit and in each conquest, built a tomb for all who had died in his wake. During his last conquest, his most trusted councilman, the Viceroy Rhu'Diin, drugged him, and locked him in his final tomb. Upon awakening, he vowed he would return and claim the rest of Valoran as his own. He was the rightful conqueror.

But it was too late. His strength waning in the dark reaches of his burial site, he could only perform one ritual of his ancient and powerful dynasty. His grief was unmeasurable and his slow death would witness the screams of agony that none should ever hear. Unknown to him, however, his ritual worked, and one day, many eras from his time, an entombed individual will feel the grief he felt as his mysterious spell slowly takes form.

More to Come

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