LF Silver Duo Partner - Nights EST w/ TS3

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Sleep PK

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I'm looking for a duo partner for Season 4. I've been using the preseason to determine my best champions and I figured it is best to also find a well mannered duo partner wanting to win and have fun. I use Team Speak 3 for communication. I play at nights EST - two nights a week for this project would be nice (can discuss this later for days/times).

The things I play -
Mid: Orianna*, Kayle, Syndra
Top: Shyvana*, Elise, Kayle, Akali
Jungle: Elise*, Vi, Shyvana
ADC: Sivir*, Caitlyn
Support: Sona*, Leona, Thresh
*Indicates my default choice.

I appear to be a support main because most haven't been willing to fill the role, but the patches have thankfully changed that. I don't mind what role my duo partner mains. I'll probably fill every game during Season 4.

Just add and/or post if you're interested - we'll definitely play a few to see how things are, ect.