Rammus Powerball/Defensive Ball Curl

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Just got done playing Rammus and I noticed that he cannot use Defensive Ball Curl in conjunction with Powerball which I found somewhat annoying, but understandable. In a few situations though I found myself running away from an enemy, I'd pop Defensive Ball Curl and take the brunt of the damage, and maybe juke em' here or there for a moment or two, but I would be stuck in Ball Curl, unable to Powerball and escape entirely. Now I noticed that while using Powerball that you can stop it in mid-use for whatever reasons (can't come up with one but you get the point), but you cannot do the same for Ball Curl which I found irritating due to the fact that I was locked in it for 6 seconds when Powerball could be of much more use, defensively or offensively (I missed a kill or two because I couldn't chase him via Powerball).

What I'm getting at is, is why can't Rammus deactivate Defensive Ball Curl similar to Powerball?