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Suggestion for Ranked Losses

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RE Gambit

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Basically I've been on a streak of losses where literally half of them were due to someone either not loading into the game or afking after 3 minutes and leaving us in a 4v5. Here's what I think would be a good idea that would penalize such players and reduce the loss for players who coudln't over come a 4v5 disadvantage.

In the event of a leaver:
In loss:

Each individual in the team with the leaver is subject to only half of the ELO lost that they should lose for the match, while the leaver himself loses his full share plu the half that was taken from each other player on his team.

In Win:

Each individual in the team with the leaver wins his elo as is, but will gain an aditional proportional bonus to what the leaver would've have gotten for the win. (Ex if the leaver would've gotten 20, then it would be 5 more for each player.) The leaver would lose The same ELO he would for a normal loss plus half of the elo that was given to his team as a bonus(in this case, 10.)

"But what about people who lost their internet or Power?"

Maybe some sort of support ticket that could save them from the punishment would be nice, but honestly, whenever that happens to me(Which hasn't been in ranked thank god) I take the consequences and if It were ranked I would take them as well. Its out of the person's control, but it is definitely WAY out of His team's control and they should not be just as penalized.

Also, If riot had a way of detecting leavers that don't load into the game and restarting/cancelling the game it'd be better. But I think that system could be abused and so I'm not sure how viable it would be.


TL;DR: make a system that detects a leaver and will penalise that leaver while reducing the penalty on his team.

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It's an awesome idea!
Hate quitters :I

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"Quick guys! Someone take one for the team!"