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What Am I Doing Wrong?

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Let me start by saying that I started playing in S2 so I'm relatively newish to LoL but I have played a butt load of games. In S2, I had almost 1400 ranked games and 1k normals at least.

At the end of S2 I was around 1100 elo, but I was able to spike it up to almost 1300 at one point (so I got my rewards ^^) but fell back to 1100ish. Since S3 dropped, my elo has gone down to the 900s. So my question is obvious: why am I losing games?

I don't know what more I can possibly do to carry my teams. I usually play mid so I can roam bot & top to help with ganks. I watch the minimap and I can tell when lanes are going to get ganked so I'm usually there in time to help, clean up, etc. I buy wards to try and help with map awareness as well, but nobody else seems to look at the map in this elo...

For laning, I always win my lane. I do a great job of farming & harassing at the same time, which usually zones my opponents out of xp range. I play really aggressivly, but I don't usually end up feeding (everyone has bad games, ofc :P) but if you look on lolking, my overall KDA is pretty good. Not amazing or anything, but good. On a personal level, I feel like I'm at a cap...no idea what I could be doing to improve. The game I'm playing right now for example: 15 minutes 7-0-2 80cs, 4 levels ahead of my lane opponent, i gave bot a double kill and got a kill on top as well. This is how most games go for me. But somehow it goes from this to a loss in most cases.

I know it may be hard to really give advice without seeing me play, but maybe there's something that you guys can give me to work with. I team fight well; good positioning, focus the right target, etc. I lane well, I help the team, I do everything I can to win but it's not enough. I've got to be missing something, so I'm open to any and all suggestions!

Thanks in advance!

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I don't really beleive in a cap, there is pretty much ALWAYS something, and usually many things you can learn to improve, especially at 1100 or 1300 elo. There have been many occaisions where i have thought "I'm so awesome at this game right now," and then two weeks later i do some reasearch and some practice and play some games and i am thinking "Wow, i was such a noob two weeks ago can't beleive i played like that". I guess what i am saying is there is always more to learn.

As for more direct advice that i can think of? First of all KDA isn't everything, in fact sometimes getting a good score can mean your team loses, I was once playing a game with a talon on the enemy team, now the other team wasn't bad, and the talon wasn't that good at playing, but he was good at kill stealing, he had 22 kills by 20 minutes. Unfortunetly as a result the rest of his team had about 5. So what happened? we just isolated the talon, and they lost. Sometimes dying is the best way to support your team, that's a big problem with players now days, they get very selfish. if you can get your team 3 kills by doing something that MIGHT lead to you dying, go for it. I could go on for hours about that, but i think you get the point.

Also, another big one that helped me alot that people often don't bother to research is teamfights, and positioning. Ever notice that in almost every low elo game people scream at people to focus the enemy ad no matter what? and then abuse their team if they don't? well, focusing the ADC isn't always the best course of action. There's times when you can just CC them, or isolate them or even times when the the tank should die first. Mid is a carry role, and if you play it alot it is important you understand how to position and who to focus. Bashers are easy to position, they pretty much charge for the enemy carries every time, WAlls are slightly harder, they gotta be between the enemy bashers and their teams adcs, and the carries are the hardest of all to position, they gotta try and get to a postion where they can dish out the most damage and take the least. On that note it's important to note that unless you are playing an assassin diving straight for their adc isn't the best idea, sometimes even when you are an assassin. Shurelily does a really good explanation on teamfights and what not. But seripously, one of the biggest reasons people do well and lose is because they get fed 1 vs 1 and then don't know what to do in a teamfight.

Learning the right time to baron is another good way, if you get aced, and the team pushes your base, gets low and has to go back, it may be a great time to go for baron, it's amazing how often people don't suspect it, and even if they do, there's not always much they can do about it. It's great way to turn a bad game around "oh shiz we just got aced, LOL nvm we got baron! " and then you ace them. But by the same reasoning if you ace the enemy team, don't overstay your welcome, and be ready to defend that baron.

I could give you many other tips, but that's not the point, the are waaay more advanced things to learn that will help you other than the basics of "buy wards" and "ganking from mid", because let's face it, their are some bad players in elo hell but even they know about buying wards and ganking, you wanna get yourself out of elo hell, you gotta carry HARD and to do that you need a serious edge. this is how. And there are so many tips and guides out there, they are not hard to find.

Anyways, Good luck with your research, hope this helps.