People photoshopped into league!!!!

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Soo I'm in video game design right now and one of our first units was (as the title may have lead you to think,) Photoshop. One of our first projects was to photoshop our face onto a video game character.... I chose Ezreal, keep in mine this is the older art for him sooo ya i may do a newer one later but at the moment w/e (also note that it is FAR from a perfect photoshop because i just started using it when i did this)

I also said i would photoshop my friend onto Ashe (who is one of his favorite champs)..... the end result was more than worth it XD Now I did make an edit of it to where his face was in shadow but i cant find that copy sooo meh i guess.

Let me know what you think!!! I'd LOVE to do more of it because I love doing photoshop and I would take any suggestions/criticisms to heart if i keep making them



1/1/2013: SOO on New years eve i stayed up alll night cuz i felt like doing some photoshop, i ended up fixing the ashe phototshop so now it DOES have the needed shadow, and i photoshoped my bud onto lee sin. FOR THE RECORD it's not too different, but I couldn't find a good shot of his eyes soo i decided not to photoshop his eyes at all. O and i photoshoped my bud (Micy Mantal) onto nidalee soo yah

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This is actually disturbing 0.o