Champion Concept: "Sparks"

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I'm a fairly new player to the game and I'm not super familiar with individual range numbers, scaling, base stats, and other such numerical values that would obviously be necessary in a completed character. As such, I won't be using any specific numbers in this concept when it comes to scaling and damage, and instead will focus on the general principal of how the character is designed to work. As well I will not be including names or any lore related material as I am more focused on the conceptual vision that goes along with designing a character mechanically, and less on the messy details that come with balancing and story. And without further ado, I introduce "Sparks".

Character Introduction:

I've nicknamed this character "Sparks" based off of her passive. Sparks is designed to be an AP carry mid laner. The focus of this character is to have a medium damage output and high utility skill set focused on kiting and peeling (a similar role to that of Lissandra). Sparks is an electricity based champion that takes advantage of her ability to manipulate and transform into lightning (imagine Zero Suit Samus and Chandra Nalaar combined). I designed Sparks to be an effective counter against melee heavy champions such as Talon and Akali.

Base Stats:

Sparks will have a short ranged auto attack (similar to Quinn's range). She will have low base attack damage and attack speed to avoid usage as an AD carry. Her health stats should be about the same as Ahri's and base movement speed low (same as Ezreal's, which I believe is the lowest movement speed). Base armor and magic resist should be similar to the tankier side of AP carries (similar to Lissandra's).


Passive: Whenever a spell is cast, the champion will leave behind a number of sparks (dependent on the ability used) which will activate after 0.25 seconds and last for 10 seconds after. If an enemy unit walks over a spark, it will shock all nearby enemy units for a small amount of true damage (scaling with level). Sparks will not apply on hit effects.

Q: The champion will electrocute the ground underneath a nearby enemy champion (close melee range) dealing a large amount of damage and granting the champion a small speed boost for two seconds. This does not apply on hit effects and puts one spark near enemy location. If an enemy champion is hit by a spark within three seconds of being affected by this ability, the champion may activate this ability again to startle the enemy champion and knock the enemy champion back a small amount and apply on hit affects. This reset's the cooldown of this ability.
Cooldown: 8 Seconds

W: The champion throws a ball of electricity towards target location dealing a moderate amount of damage to all enemy champions upon landing and blinding them for (0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5) seconds (radius similar to the size of Singed's W). Leaves three sparks within the radius of this spell.
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11 Seconds

E: The champion turns into a bolt of lightning and dashes towards target location, damaging enemy units along the way and leaving two sparks in her trail (range similar to that of Renekton's dash). If the champion hits no enemy units, she may immediately activate this ability again for three seconds. If the champion hits an enemy unit on the first cast, the cooldown of this ability is reduced by 3/4/5/6/7 seconds.
Cooldown: 22 Seconds

R: The champion surrounds herself in electricity and dashes towards target enemy champion (Morgana Q range), discharging an enormous amount of electricity dealing a large amount of damage to that enemy champion and dropping 4 sparks. If any other enemy champions are in range, the champion will target the furthest one (within 3/4 of the original casting range) and dash to them as well, dealing 50% of the initial damage and dropping two sparks nearby.
Cooldown: 120/100/80 Seconds

The "Kit" and You:

The toolkit provided with this champion has a combination of escape mechanisms, gap closing, and moderate crowd control abilities. Her bread and butter revolves around her Q and E. Her Q has a lot of utility if used correctly, as well as being her primary damage. However, it also has a high risk involved as you have to be almost in melee range to use it. It also has a delayed trigger which allows you to apply on hit effects (such as Sheen, Iceborn Gauntlet, etc) only after an opponent runs over a spark as well as knocking them back from you. However, the ability combo's very nicely with her E, which if used correctly allows you to dash in, landing directly in front of them, activating your Q, and then either dashing through them to apply the damage and start kiting or dashing back away to get out again after poking them. As well, you can reduce the cooldown of her E if you jump in and only want to burst them down. It isn't a huge reduction, but it can help if you accidentally hit minions or get out of a team fight with an ult and need to start kiting soon after.

Her W also allows a bit of leeway with ad champions. The scaling blind duration can give you a tactical advantage when faced against a melee jungler or mid laner as well as providing a bit of moderate AoE in team fights.

Her ult is designed to do two things. The first it to punish players who step too far out of the force projection in team fights. If you see a player take a step too far out, you can dash in with your E, land in front of them, proceed to pop your ult at an enemy past them (as the initial targeting has a longer range) jump into their team and leave your sparks there and then dash back out to that champion and E away (assuming you didn't hit them running in) or hit your Q to speed boost out. Another application is to target a team's front line and jump in to deal an initial burst damage and then zap to the back line and immediately target their adc or ap carry. You then burst down the squishies and proceed to attempt your escape using your E to escape.

Her passive is highly useful too, being a low, but consistent source of damage throughout the game. As well, it provides a fun mechanic to use with kiting.

Useful Items:

Iceborn Gauntlet: As a champion required to get in there and then, more importantly, get out, Iceborn Gauntlet (IG) provides a great source of armor and utility as well as providing CD reduction which is a great stat to have with this champion. As well, the delayed Q proc can provide a strong kite when you knock them back so they have to travel not from the middle of the IG proc, but closer towards the end.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Obviously this is a great choice and serves a similar role to that of IG. It provides health and slows allowing for better kiting and tankiness.

Abyssal Scepter: Again, tankiness and since you're getting in there to hit stuff with your Q, the reduced MR is great.

Liandry's Torment: Good all around, but since sparks and her Q don't directly apply on hit effects, the health and magic pen serve as better stats than the passive.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Great survival tool here since this champion is a high risk engagement swiss army knife. Always take in case of surprise Ult proc.

Brief Lore Ideas:

I know I said I wasn't going to include lore, but then what fun would it be if I didn't at least include my brief musings. "Sparks" was a poor girl from the streets of Noxus who's only mantra was survival. Unfortunately, as a girl she was taken in by the Noxian military for experimentation. Under the supervision of Dr. Mundo, something in "Sparks" awoke, allowing her to survive Mundo's usual blood thirst. Swain seeing the potential hid the child away for years, seemingly never to be heard from again. It seems that of her own accord "Sparks" has reappeared and presented herself to the League. However, she has yet to claim allegiance to any side, but dark rumors are spreading, all of which seem to lead to some dark plan Swain has for her.

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Her W seems like it might be a little OP. A moderate AOE blind for 2.5 seconds could easily swing a team fight in one team's favor. Blinds should (imo) be kept to 2 seconds at most. Her Q also seems very spammable. Other than that, not a bad job!

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