1200 ELO Jungle/ADC Looking for team.

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IGN : Arcodius

Hello, my name is Nick ("Arcodius") I'm a full time dedicated LoL Player, maining two roles which are the ones above on the title, ive been playing League for 5 months now, and ive been training these two roles for 3 months, currently ive mainly went ADC to play ranked, since I que with my girlfriend, however, my main role is jungling, ive always enjoyed jungling, i feel like it's a role your whole team depends on, and if you have a good jungler you win lanes and if you win lanes you win the match pretty much.

I have my own opinion, whenever I tryout for a team i take my time to think if it's the perfect team for me, sometimes i have bad games sometimes good games, it all depends on the team.

Tryouts must be done within a couple of matches with the team, to reach a fully understanding of players, that's just how i roll.

Feel free to add me and pm me in game.