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ADC/Support LF Teamwork oriented 5s team

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Senior Member


My info
IGN: gillfrost
S2 ELO: >1200
Primary Champs
ADC: MF, Cait, Ez, Vayne
Support: Sona, Blitz, Alistar, Soraka, Lux, Janna

I am a mature gamer looking for a 5s team to play with. I am looking for a 2-3 night a week commitment. I watch a TON of pro LoL (probably more than I play) and I am always looking for take aways to improve my game. I think that the thing that separates good players from great players is the ability to work with a team. I generally play ADC or Support with a wide variety of champs. Towards the end of S2 I started to play more ranked games and got up to about 1250 at the end of S2 with a positive W/L Ratio. Outside of ranked I have probably about 1800 games under my belt.

Please add me in game or post replies here for more info, I am looking forward to playing with you.