Looking for a TT team

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I generally play Rumble, Garen, Signed, and Olaf. Basically just the champs that excel at 3's. I don't fully know the mechanics of the jungle in 3's yet, haven't took the time to learn. But other than that, I can hold my own in lane.

As for the actual team, my only requests is that you speak English above a 8th grade level, and if you want to hold an actual conversation in-game (IE: More than just MIA's and pings) I would prefer to use Skype, because my keyboard is broke. (Keys X, V, F, and delete are broke, using onscreen keyboard to type this :x)

Don't want to give too much info, so, any specific questions you have, just add me in-game or post here, and Ill try to give the most detailed answer I can.