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support gangplank guide post season 3

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support gangplank guide post season 3


This guide uses information gotten from this source.
http://www.surrenderat20.net/2012/11...atch.html#more (http://www.surrenderat20.net/2012/11/1115-pbe-patch.html#more)
The changes to the PBE are not guaranteed to hit live and are subject to change. if things are different on pbe than what I have here please let me know
This guide is intended for people fairly familiar with gangplank, if you are entirely new to the champion, then I suggest you find a more general guide on how to play him.
Also, I don't mind down votes if you think this is terrible, all I ask is some constructive criticism as to why you think so. any cons I might have missed would be especially helpful. Let’s keep this civil please.

Why support gangplank over a different support?

1. Has amazing early game harass.
2. Has a 65 mana instant health pot at level 4 that only gets better as the game goes on.(oranges are amazing sustain)
3. Can abuse pickpocket harder than any other commonly played supports (not sure if q procs it. if you have info on this then let me know)
4. After level 6 is capable of assisting on every kill on the map using his ultimate. (free gold which allows for faster gp/10 which nets him more gold overall)
5. Supporting allows him to spend more time scanning the map for when/where to lay down his ult.
6. Free cleanse to deal with opposing cc
7. His parley for the most part, costs less mana than most other supports shields/heals
8. Scales way harder in the late game than any other support, either transitions into a critplank or some tanky bruiser, depending on what your team needs.
9. His zoning ability is very strong. the threat of a bullet to the face and an auto attack is usually enough to keep supports out of brush/forcing them to ward either one or both bushes
10. Can split push fairly well, not as well as Shen or anything but his ultimate allows him to help out with fights while taking all their towers
11. Supports like a crazy pirate, by shooting and stabbing people until they go away.

1. Other than raise morale no real way of directly supporting the team without itemization
2. If there aren't very many kills going on across the map then you won't be able to get free assists and will be weaker going into late game.
3. No hard cc and can't really initiate other than just ulting and running in.
4. Making your goal to assist in every kill on the map so you can scale as hard as the top laner and be a more productive fifth member of your team than the opposing support sounds more boring than "make them all dance and win the teamfight" (sona) or "knock up everyone and serve the opposing carry to my team on a silver platter."(alistar)
5. people will constantly complain about being supported by a bad top laner.

Ability leveling

Take parley at levels one and three, oranges at two and four, after that focus ult then parley, then oranges and get raise morale whenever you feel comfortable getting it.


flat attack damage marks
money seals and quints
flat or scaling mr glyphs
The money seals and quints are not negotiable, you need items to scale hard and items cost money
The glyphs really depend on the opposing adc and/support, if you want something else there that's fine. Same goes for the marks, I like the flat attack damage just for the early game harass and for winning any early fight.

Summoner spells

To be honest I have no idea. Flash exhaust is always safe, but maybe heal would be better than flash. Then there’s barrier. I don’t know what will be good really, Just take what you are comfortable with.


I think a 0/9/21 mastery page would be best. Going durability into armor into veterans scars for maximum survivability. In the utility tree go 6 points in wanderer and meditation for more from the bush parleys, 2 in summoners insight or artificer depending on your planned item build. 4 points in greed and one in biscuiteer. One point in wealth if you want to start one fairie charm 4 wards. One point in explorer and 2 in awareness, and one point in pickpocket. Three in intelligence and a point in nimbleness. If you prefer more exp you can always drop the ward and biscuit and go for 4 in awareness, but I think ward and biscuit will be pretty strong.


start fairy charm 3 wards 2 health pots. if you want 4 wards that's fine. but his broken sustain (level 2 oranges) doesn't start until level 4 so you are vulnerable until then if you start 4 wards.

Generally speaking I consider this the best start since you need vision of the enemy support to harass them in their brush and since boots are getting nerfed you don't need to worry so much about keeping up with the enemy. From there go into philostone and avarice blade and boots.

I’m not sure whether sight stone is good for him or not. The 100 hp is fairly negligible. If you skip it and buy wards you have a more flexible item space and can buy 9 wards instead (after your starting three). Sight stone makes your lane safer (spamming wards makes ganks very hard) but slows down your scaling so I don't know.

Anyways, from there get a strong offensive crit item like static shiv or phantom dancers. The new executioners calling seems good but I think it might require some testing.
Then a strong defensive item. warmogs and atmas are looking better in season three, you might try that. Ultimately though your build is going to reflect what your team needs. if they need a damage soak and initiator go tankier. If they need more damage go critplank. Gangplank is fairly flexible on what you gear him up with, use that flexibility to your advantage.

early game (pre level 9ish or before first tower is down)

Gangplank is an awesome fighter level one. Use this to your advantage and be the most annoying pirate you can be. If they hard engage then exhaust and run to their adc and fight. Otherwise lay down a ward in the far brush and proceed to lay into whoever you can reach with parley. Keep wards up wherever you think a gank might come from. You win trades with the opposing support due to you getting five gold per parley (maybe) and them only getting three from their auto. Also this is more general support advice, but when going in for harass against whoever, make sure your adc is in a position to harass the opponents if they go in on you. You can't fight a 1v2 so don't put yourself in that position.

Don't be afraid to use oranges for sustain after level four. Before level 4 oranges aren't very mana to health efficient and you have pots and biscuit. If you are out of pots and biscuit before level four something is wrong. Try to either slow down or go for the kill if someone is low.

When you hit 6 you need to keep your map awareness up. Possibly ask your team to ping before they go in for a kill. Getting early assist gold is imperative. Also I cannot stress this enough, if you can get an assist in take it. Don't worry about waiting to snipe the guy who got away with 100 health. that is a trap. You will have had your ult for five minutes and three kills have gone down since level six and you'll still be waiting. Take the gold when you can and don't stress about what if. Also, Don't worry about kill stealing with your ult. Yes it sucks when it happens, but the team got more collective gold than if you just sat twiddling your thumbs and Gangplank scales really well off gold and can definitely put that kill gold to good use.

mid game (post level 9ish or after first tower is down.)

The money should be rolling in now. here is where you start considering your first aggressive item and what build path will best benefit your team. If you want to then start spilt pushing and farm whenever it's convenient. Never do it at the expense of your team of course. Always coordinate with your team so you don't leave them dangling in the wind. Also, don't be afraid to pick up another avarice blade after building something from avarice blade. There are plenty of great new items (offensive and defensive) which build from it and the extra gold never hurts.

late game

what you do late game depends massively on your item build. generally speaking if your team needs a tanky initiator and the enemy has a couple of physical damage oriented champs I'd go warmogs into atma’s impaler, New atmas is way cheaper by the way. If this is the case stay with your team and just keep being the most annoying pirate you can be. if a fight starts then hit the squishiest/highest damage dealing target in range. and don't abandon team to chase the adc if they can't win the fight without you.

If you went carry critplank route then you have a bit more damage to throw around. You can split push really well and force the enemy to split up. In team fights do not initiate as you'll get blown to hell way too quickly. Try to wait for the fight to start and all the high damage/cc to get blown, then rush the adc like he tried to steal one of your oranges. If things are going well and you get him then clean up, if not then get the hell out. frozen mallet or lifesteal is great on a more carry oriented gangplank so you can live long enough to unload on people.

One final thing about late game. remember that you can use your ult to try and snipe baron/dragon. it doesn't always work, but when it does it's hilarious.

when is support Gangplank good?

support Gangplank really shines against most supports which focus on sustaining/healing/shielding their adc. (sona, soraka, lulu) He's really bad against guys who have cc he can't cleanse out of like blitzcrank, alistar and janna to a certain extent. Also he excels against supports with cleansable cc, (taric, leona). As for general team comps you might be best suited in a team with 2 magic dealers, as gangplank deals almost all physical damage. If they have a Malphite or Rammus on their team, don’t expect to be very effective against them.

For the most part I think he'll serve you well. Have fun with your new support.

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Senior Member


I've read that arpen reds scale better, or is the idea that you won't have the gold to make use of them with this build?

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I've read that arpen reds scale better, or is the idea that you won't have the gold to make use of them with this build?

I've read that they are nerfing armor pen runes in the next patch. And yeah, basically you are right. it's better to capitalize on early game dominance than run runes that don't start being optimal until twenty to twenty five minutes into the game.

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Also, sorry, I don't usually double post but apparently they are nerfing the passive gold gain on avarice blade to 2/10, so... yeah. ouch.