LF duo partner

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Hey all, looking for someone who is silver 4 or higher to duo with. Please have the following!

~ Be a mid or support main player that can at least do other roles okay.
~ Have skype and a mic
~ Been silver last season( Not pre-season
~ If you are a support main, Please own thresh, Leona, alistar, Annie, & raka.
~ Common logic & reasoning.
~ The mindset that objectives are more important than kills.
~ Patience and a friendly outlook on the match
~ & Lastly,the determine will to climb the elo Ladder!

Please do no have the follow

~ A toaster connection or pc.
~ Toxic attitude
~ The blame game
~ Chasing people instead of taking objectives
~ A weak champion pool
~ The willingness not to listen.
~ Never surrender, afk, or flame our team.


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My Riven NA



I would like to duo with you but i am only silver 5, would you want to play a few norms and see how i do?