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solution to whining on champs

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Seriously, ive played long enough to noticed few things, including on my own character.

When i main a champ, i face many champions, and when i lose even with an advantage, that champ is OP right?.

All this whining about nerfing that champ etc.. is getting hard on my eye sockets so much ive been rolling them lately.

high Elo mentality, is about team structure, skill and mid-late game. not so with laning, altho i hear that in asia, they love early heavy laning agression. They rarely complain about if a character is OP. The complete each other and win as a unit or fall all together (300's anyone?) some character excels in early game (pantheon, irelia, malph) some in mid game (jax, tryn, kass, jayce) and some in late ( jax, veigar, overall tank champs)

some needs adjustments vs the laning opponent in item build, some needs few items to complete their capabilities, some are more confortable with match ups due to experience, some have stronger jungling help, some use the more strategic aspect of the game regardless of who they face and the skill level.

Problem with lower elo mentality, is that they want to keep playing their little champ with no one stoping them, regardless of team role, combo (which they rarely care about) and end up thinking only about ifnishing their confortable little build instead of how being useful to their team and survive champs that had a better laning phase phasing into mid-late game.

THATS the real problem. im not saying some champs doesnt need rework or that some never did.

But i love comparing champs when people complains about certain things. Darius is the most common complain about the low elo ppl. because of the reason above. sure they will give certain arguments why they cannot win with a squishy melee champ, instead of thinking how can i beat him? and more often, doesnt use that so said champ and seeing themsevles getting their ass kicked. everytime i meet someone complaning about Kassadin being OP.

dont get me wrong, hes a good champ, but like every champ, he has issues . 1st hes melee, if he cannot burst down someone; hes then in the middle of something ugly. Early game hes among the weakest champion in the game. that counts. Sustain dmg also screw him over.
he gets countered by silence too and CC. his silence at max lvl is 2.6sec. cho's is 3 sec while ur flying up the sky. and requires a certain amount of skills to play properly.
has heavy counters in brand, annie, xerath, viktor etc.. but guess what? his role is anti ap caster, anti adc. and is built as such.
dont tell me you sent a katarina at him and complained how OP he is!

Ive always found that people fall into laziness, rather than developping skills with their champ, changing lanes if things dont work out, ganking an other lane, understanding their opponents abiltiies to item counter them, when to farm and how to farm and testing ur opponents skills is all the ways to become a better player.

If people started to realise this, and become a better player instead of just being selfish in team selection and training themselves, this game would become more balanced.

recently, ive played a champ i like (pantheon) vs irelia, and i faced a very good one. altho she didnt win the lane easily, she did win by outfarming me heavily, even tho i harassed her well and allowed her to push the lane so i can farm safely. i tried one engagement once we were at same level with similar build and she outburst me quick after she stunned me. we were all wondering on my team...where is that dmg coming from? well thats panth, thats my runes and masteries, thats my natural squishyness, thats her laning strenght. it allows me to think about looking at max health, base dmg and armor more often. and thinking of the overall picture mor eoften and not go with pantheon next time, or practice more with irelia to understand her counters better.

thats the attitude this community at low elo should have

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The first fallacy to this rant is that Darius is a 'low Elo' complaint. Sam has him in his OWN tier. I pretty much stopped reading there.

I play many different champions, and while I am not a very skilled player, I have a fairly strong understanding for the game ecosystem as a whole. I am persistently seeking means for which to counter certain champions and understand how to win against even those perceived as most powerful.

However, this is a team game. While I take the time to research, experiment, and practice, I can not expect the same of my teammates. If they choose not to listen to my advice and feed the problem, I have to accept the loss and move on. Forcing an entire team to adapt to a single champion is bad design, anyway. If that one champ has he power to take down an entire enemy team independent of his team, thats an issue.

The second problem with your rant is that it doesn't take in to account that the game is balanced around SR. Darius and Singed are OK on SR because no amount of tankiness is going to save you from 5 enemies focusing you after an unsuccessful facecheck. In TT, if Singed makes a mistake, at most 3 champions are on him. Any tanky singed worth his weight can shrug that off and get to safety while dealing a chunk of damage to the enemy team.

While I agree that there shouldn't be as many threads on the same topic, complaining about the same champions, understand that these are mostly legitimate balance issues that need to be addressed. These discussions need to be had so that Nome's team can address the problems through itemization and map adjustments.

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Read my post entirely,You tried to account for fallacies while you admittedly did not read my whole post. which means that your thoughts and rationale are incomplete and inacurate as you are based mostly out of context.

many champs has the ability the clean up a team and take them on. If what you mean is 1 v 5, you are dellusinonal, if what you mean is a full team fight, know this, the enemy is supposed to take out the biggest threat or potential threat, which includes the bruisers. whether be jayce, jax, xin, pantheon, olaf, etc.. they all have some mean of escape, tankyness and burst with cc. they all can buy items to accentuate this. you have mentioned that darius is broken on TT. not so much on SR. I agree there is a difference, such a champ like volibear.

Pro 3v3 like Sam, who plays TT, plays lots of different bruisers, bruisers were kings, which includes darius, as much as some people find teemo and darius a b***** in TT, i found volibear, lee sin and diana completly insane in that environement, TT was also subject to item counters and imo, was easier to apply since the disparity of ap caster or ad caster was less significant and clearer. the changes brought a viability to lots of new types of champs, which i appreciate, but my concerns has nothing to do with what you are saying.

A great vast majority of rants based on champs, like Darius are SR players at low elo, which higher elos laughs about, world champs anyone? Can champs have different outlook at different maps. yes. thats why there is items. but i play TT a lot myself, i played with, as and against darius and teemo. i dont find any problem to deal with it. blind pick always brings in bad stuff. if ur not ready to deal with adversity, then ban. point of banning is always to remove something that would break ur team startegy or amplify's known enemy strats.

my point the whole time was about the lazyness, notions and mentality of the low elos, and not rant, is that complaints about darius IS usually because of what ive explained before, not saying its all that, but that is the complete main reason, its that the mentality of low elo is what it is. and usually, the high elo concerns faces more practicality of champs and how it can be used. lots of things riots designed is used by players that wasnt originally intended for THAT needs balancing, and things that doesnt make sense with a champ when compared to other champs of the same type, if a champ is just good at everything, and is against the spirit of its role or environement, which the two champs we talked about, arent then nothing needs to get done at the core. Tho, i do believe teemo needs to be adressed.