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First Runes to get for Jungle/Top

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I've seen a few posts about which runes to get first but none of them really mention the champions or play-style I like to go with so I was hoping to get some good advice here.

I'll have saved up about 9k IP when I hit lvl 20 and am not sure which runes to buy as a player who likes champions (in order): Warwick, Nunu, Amumu, Singed, Olaf, and Nocturne

My general thought is that armor seals and mr/level glyphs will be a good start for most champions but not sure which marks and quints I will benefit from the most with my specific champion/role preference. I don't mind saving up for even more runes before I work on getting more champions (you wont find me spending RP on anything while I'm still a poor college student).

Any help or advice is appreciated,

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Stock up on a MR and Armor runes. I'd get the armor first as it will be more useful while jungling.

At level 20 your full page of runes won't be open yet so you should be able to get your MR gylphs (warding; you'll want flat to help out with your low level ganks and they'll transition better into the shielding (scaling) once your late game starts to get more important) right along with your seals of resilience right off the bat if you're saving IP.

With jungling the safer route tends to be armor pen runes (marks, the red ones) but magic pen could be useful (they aren't really as useful b/c the level 20-ish meta seems to be that most people never build magic resistance so they can fall flat).

9k is a decent amount of IP to have on you. If you have a chunk left over after that get yourself a Movement Speed Quintessence or two. Always nice to have and provides utility on any champ. Plus, they can be expensive to save up to if you don't get them initially.