more customizable UI

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To better the experience of players I feel that it would be interesting to allow players to individually customize every part of the UI for example playing jungle I need a bigger target frame for smite battles and a bigger minimap where as I need a smaller spell bar but their is barely any room to change 1 without changing the other. i don't want to clutter my screen with 100% size UI but I dont want it so small that I dont know what the health of dragon or my buffs are before I smite. It would also be nice If you could individually move different frames or even disable certain frames to customize the game better to your playstyle/ preference.

Finally It would be nice if the damage of smite was shown without having to hover over it in tense situations to see when you can smite/go in for a steal and make it so that it will be easier to check the damage of your smite.

All of these features can be disabled to keep the game the same as it is but it would be nice for it to be available to those who would like the changes