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The Night Before Snowdown

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I wrote this last year on Christmas Eve. I had the idea and finished it in less than an hour. I hope you like it.

The Night Before Snowdown

T'was the night before snowdown when all through the fields,
Not a minion was stirring, nor waiting for Healz.
The usual sound of swords landing blows,
Gave way to the silence of the gentle falling snows.

A lone summoner did walk down the snow covered lane,
Not fearing a gank from an over fed Vayne.
He crept past the alcove of the fearsome green dragon,
With only the thought of some mead by the flagon.

Finding remnants of Jack-in-the-box, and shrooms in the bushes;
evidence of side purple, getting kicked in the tushes.
As he emerged from the bush what a sight he did see,
But Jolly old saint Gragas, and twas him, against three.

A snow Nidlee did jump, and a spear she did chuck,
Striking Gragas in the belly, and with a groan he cried ****!
Reindeer Kog'Maw joined in, spraying spit everywhere,
Soaking candycane Miss Fortune down to her underwear.

The Summoner jumped out and with authority bellowed "Stop"
All the champions froze, even mistletoe Leblanc
The Summoner cried, "We've no time for fighting, for snowdown is here!
We are almost late for the party, it comes only once a year!"

With apology Nidlee took her spear from Gragas' gut,
While Leblanc said to Snowmerdinger, "I was about to kick your butt."
At the summoners command down the lane they did run,
To make them move faster, Gangplank fired his gun.

From the Jungle came Nunu to join in the race
Amumu right after, bandaged him in the face
A glow in the distance, the nexus was in sight!
It's warmth greeted them, on this cold winter night

Everyone greeted each other with a grin and a cheer,
As Gragas bellowed out, "Let's all have some beer!"
Sona played music while Singed worked the bar,
Everyone agreed, it was the best Snowdown by far.

Festive Tree Maokai stood in the corner with a gift,
That nobody wanted, It was feared on Summoners Rift.
Minions served cupcakes baked by Annie and Tibbers
She announced, "These are special, they are only for mid'ers"

A heavenly scent, did fill the large room,
Acompanied by a sound, from the kitchen a loud boom.
In an instant being served by Morgana and Brand,
Came all sorts of rare dishes, all charred by his hand

Gentleman Cho'Gath yawned, "Pork? What a bore..."
Brand replied, "Not this year, It's Baron Nashor!"
All the food was delicious to the warriors and wizards,
Delighted Kog'Maw received all of Baron's weird Gizzards.

Delicious spiced cider and all the buttered bread,
Tryndamere announced, "I'm getting so fed!"
From the giant cake burst Fiddle's with his party suit on,
With a loud voice he cried, "Let's rock this place till dawn!"

Wise old saint Zilean, stepped outside from the noise,
and whispered, "I'm too old to contend with these boys
Have fun oh ye mages, ye assassins and tanks,
Merry Snowdown to all, and to all, Happy Ganks!

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Senior Member


Damn that Summoner for stopping Kog!

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Junior Member



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Wow this is cool, I wish I could write something like this. They should definatly put this in the winter summoner showcase IMO.

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Junior Member


This is awesome! Very creative, and I agree, definitely should be put in the showcase!

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The AntiGoat



Awesome poem man