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1400~ Elo player seeking 5's team, Mid role.

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Dr Sneeble



Please actually read my post or don't contact me.

IGS: Sneeble
ELO: Peaked thus far 1431 hovering around 1300 atm
Preferred Role: Mid
Champs owned for selection purposes: 51
VOIP: Any, prefer vent
RL Age: 31

What I'm looking for:

-5's team that needs a strong mid player.

-Individuals that have eloquence in their speech. I'm not looking for a bunch of kids (or adults) that think it makes them cool to swear on VOIP constantly or talk about profane topics.

-A team that understands building synergy takes time and doesn't happen instantly. People that team hop or remove/swap their teammates frequently don't bother contacting me.

-Members that are at least 20 years old or older.

-A team that ideally practices at a minimum 4 days a week consistently and ends no later then midnight CST. I play ever day and mostly in the evening.

-People that do not rage or flame their team/others and behave in a respectable manner.

-A 5's team that takes themselves seriously and wants to move forward as far as possible.

If you are interested or want to play a few games add me in game and message me. If you didn't read this whole post and you contact me anyways expect me to not give you any consideration.

My favorite food is PICKLES.

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Dr Sneeble



Still seeking!