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People Treat Dominion

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Like it doesnt matter at all. About half of all games have someone go AFK at 10 minutes if they think the game is lost, and it doesnt make the leaverbuster because 4v5 usually ends before they actually disconnect due to inactivity.

Two things:

First, dominion is still a competitive game, and if you abandon your team, no matter how bad the situation, you are wasting 4 peoples time and energy. Its less than on SR, but still, its pretty ****ty, and considering how snowbally Dominion can be you condemn your team to a painful loss.

Second, @Riot, please decrease the inactivity time needed to disconnect you from the game on Dominion. I report AFK players on both teams, but i dont think others do (correct me if im wrong) and i think the tribunal cares less about Dominion games, so players with only one AFK report are likely to get let off the hook.

TL;DR dont treat Dominion like it doesnt matter at all.