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How Do I win a 4v5?

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Thomas Third

Junior Member


You cant win a 4v5. simple as it is. Its possible if you do great and the enemy team gets too agressive, or a huge number of things. But you will not win 4v5's with any strategy. 4v5's go both ways. You sometimes have 5, you sometimes have 4. Its just luck.

I've win a lot of 4v5 being the 4 team.. and thinking that you cant win is the only, and most direct way to lose. To win a 4v5 you need confidence, leaership and very good timing. You need to ward and keep your team together ganking the enemies so your disvantage is gone, you got to attack straight to their nexus, and try not to die a single time... dont try to save anyone, better 1 death than 2 or 3.